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Sharon Marie aka "Sharonmarie" Ball has been married 4 times.
                                               BIGAMY CONVICTION
2001 -  Reading, Pennsylvania - Sharon Marie Ball pled Guilty to Misdemeanor Bigamy
           Sentence: 2 (two) years probation.
                                            LONG DISTANCE - INTERNET ROMANCE
2002 - Chat room for Military personnel - Sharon Marie Ball "meets" Jason Cline and tells him she is "single." The next day they speak on the telephone. Within one week they "profess their love" to each other.
Jason Cline was married at the time.  For years they emailed and phoned each other as friends. During this time Cline, an Army Sgt. was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas and was assigned duty in Iraq. Ball would lie and continually complain to Cline that she was suffering abuse at the hands of her then husband, Petty Officer John J. Ball.
Investigators say that there is no evidence to back up any of her claims of abuse.
After her tales of repeated abuse Jason Cline told her "he'd like to kill her husband" for the abuse.

2008 - March 31 - Jason Cline flies to California where he and Sharon M. Ball meet in person for the very first time after years of Internet and telephone romance.
They had a fine time, visiting Disneyland, dancing at Temecula, going to a swap meet where Cline purchased a 12 inch knife, plotting murder and getting engaged.
                                           ATTEMPTED MURDER
2008 - April 5 - Sharon Marie Ball lured her then husband, John J. Ball, to North Island where they parked in a secluded area of the Naval Air Station, (North Island in Coronado, California.) 
Dressed in camoflage pants and wearing a pair of John Ball's shoes, Jason Cline steps from the shadows asking to speak to John Ball. When John steps out of his truck Jason Cline  attacks and stabs him. Fighting his attacker off, John gets away and runs off to summon help. He has been cut on his chin and right hand.
Sharon Marie Ball escapes from the scene in her husband's truck.
 Military Police search the area and a few hours later arrest Jason Cline. Sharon Marie Ball is also arrested.
John Ball is hospitalized briefly and then released.
Michael Berg (Attorney for Sharon Marie Ball)  "his client told him she was a victim and had tried to stop the attack on her husband."
Michael Petrik (Attorney for Jason Cline) did not comment on the case.
NCIS (Navy Criminal Investigators) interviewed Jason Cline. He told them "he'd flown from Texas to Ontario, Calif. on March 31 to meet Sharon Marie Ball and "should the opportunity present itself, to kill John J. Ball."
Jason Cline "Sharon Marie and I mutually decided that after I killed her husband, She was to wait at the scene and play the role of the terrified widow so she could claim full survivor and death benefits."
In U.S. District Court Sharon Marie Ball & Jason Cline are indicted for Attempted Murder. Pyschologist interview - Sharon M. Ball does not mention any abuse of any kind within the interview.
2008 - November -  Sharon Marie Ball pleads Guilty to Attempted Murder charges.
                              Army Sgt. Jason Cline pleads Guilty to Attempted Murder charges.
Prosecutor Alessandra Serano asks the court for a sentence of the maximum - a 20 year prison sentence based on the fact that Sharon Marie Ball "stood to profit from her husband's life insurance if John Ball had been murdered."
Michael Berg (Defense Attorney) asks the court for 9 years, claiming "the abuse Sharon Marie Ball had suffered as a child which he said, warranted leniency."
 John J. Ball's victim impact letter to the judge stated, "I have struggled “to forget a marriage that was founded on a lie and ended with the point of a knife.” 
U.S. District Judge Marilyn Huff rejected both the prosecution and defense arguments, stating "there wasn't sufficient proof that the insurance money was the motivation, and Sharonmarie Ball was not much different from other people with troubled pasts who have marital difficulties." 

                                             "Murder is not the answer."
2009 - February 22 -  Sharon Marie Ball (El Cajon, CA.) sentenced by Federal Court to 17 years in prison.
                                 (Former) Army Sgt. Jason Cline sentenced to 12 1/2 years in prison.
 Petty Officer John J. Ball is raising his daughter, aged 2 and is divorcing Sharon M. Ball.
                              Sharon M. Ball will have no contact with her.

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