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Feb 23 09 12:28 AM

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WAYNE YEE CHIN, age 52 (as of 2010)  

Convicted arsonist
Convicted thief -forgery
Bail jumper

Convicted Bigamist - married at least 7 times over the last 30 years.

Wayne Yee Chinn plays on women's sympathy  - he claims he had two
children who were killed in a car accident.  
The "children" are now adults and are alive and well. 
Chinn falsely represents himself as a "Naval Reserve Officer" and as
"Commander Chinn."  He tells his victims that he could be called to
 duty at any time.

Wayne Yee Chinn is not in the reserves and was not an officer.
Chinn was a cook in the Navy and his last date of service was in 1978
when he left the Navy.
                                        UPDATE - 2010
2010 - Wayne Yee Chin is up to his old tricks in Anchorage, Alaska
Trolling - user name on personal ad: here2serveu.

                                   LATE 1970's  -MARRIES TWICE
            Wife No. 1, two children.  Divorce. (CHILDREN ARE NOW ADULTS)
            Wife no. 2  

            Official Navy documents -Wayne Yee Chinn left the Navy in 1978.
           He was enlisted as a cook.
                                   1981 - JAILBIRD
1981 - Wayne Chinn commits arson, tried and convicted and serves time

           in prison

           Chinn is working as a security guard at a lumber mill and is being laid off.
           To prove the company needs him and shouldn't lay him off, he burns down
           the lumber mill.
                                    Released from prison.
            Wife no. 3 (Bellingham, Washington), 1 child  (CHILD IS NOW AN ADULT)
                               "Wayne Chinn left me in a financial hole."
            Wife no. 4 - Chinn marries - while still married to wife no. 3. In order to avoid
                                 prosecution for bigamy, Chin obtains a divorce from one wife,
                                 and an annulment from the other. 

1999 -  Wife No. 5 - Cynthia Castile (Eagle Creek, Oregon).  Both she and Wayne
                                Chin are working on a cruise ship and begin dating.  

Cynthia Castile "Wayne came on board, and, of course, swept me off my feet, said
                             all the right things I needed to hear at that point in my life."  
During her stint as "wife," Cynthia Castile receives e-mail messages from two Admirals.
One message said "Commander Chinn" was assigned to "Homeland Defense."

Prison - Washington State - Wayne Yee Chinn is convicted of forgery (of one of his 
                                            victims) and jumps bail. Serves time for the forgery
                                            and jumping bail.
 Cynthia Castile "I spent about $14,000 on his defense." 
About Chinn's craigslist ads and myspace profile -  

"It makes me sick to my stomach."  "I have no idea.
 I really, truly don't know how he does it. It just amazes me.
 It really truly does."

                                  Fiance  (Former)

 "Michelle" (Boise, Idaho) "When they call them con artists, that is what they are,
                                               they are arists."  "I don't know if he has the ability to 
                                               tell the truth. It isn't about a love gone wrong.
                                              The whole thing was a scam."
Wayne Yee Chinn represents himself as a Naval Reserve Officer and claims he is "being
sent to Iraq."

Chinn leaves an audio message on her answering machine.
       "I'm getting called by the reserve." 
Michelle discovers someone is using her credit cards in Oregon.
 She starts saving Chinn's voice mail messages on her phone.


2007 - February - Wayne Chinn leaves another message on the answering machine. 
                            He interrupts himself to give military orders:
"Hey you. Hold on just a minute. Roger that enterprise 6-7. Message confirmed.
Be prepared for that. Secondary is on its way to you as I speak.
Anyway, just calling you."

Michelle is informed that Chinn is "critically wounded, a spinal cord injury.
                                    JUST ANOTHER CON GAME

            Wife no 6. -  Chinn is telling Michelle he's Iraq, suffering from cancer
                                 and spinal cord injury - in reality he and wife no. 6 are in
                                 Reedsport, Oregon. They're opening a new restaurant at
                                 the Forest Hills Golf Course.
                                   2007 - Mid-September

 Michelle receives an email from a "Col. Christian" who informs her that Wayne Yee
Chinn is also suffering from colon cancer. Michelle urgently inquires about his condition
and chemotherapy. Chinn informs her there's been an increase in the cancer cells.
He requests she send him a "care package" to the hospital. Michelle purchases new Nikes
to send in the care package. 
                                    BIGAMIST - AGAIN

             Wife no. 7 - It's the very same day Wayne Yee Chinn is marrying his 7th wife.

Michelle "He was calling me and giving me this very weak sounding voice from Iraq,
                 asking me to ‘be sure and not forget the Toyota payment, sweetheart, after
                 he was married."
                "I had to declare bankruptcy after being left $65,000 in debt.  
                 I filed complaints with police departments in multiple cities,
                 each time I was told it is not a crime to lie."
        Within the year of his "marital bliss" Chin is presenting himself as "single."

Uses Craigslist personal ads - "His ads state he’s looking for "A Great Woman."
 It states he is a Chef and Naval Reserve Officer.  

Chinn's MySpace page profile listing is "single."

(Journalists replied to the ad undercover and Chinn responded fairly

quickly and wrote "Forward a contact phone number, and possibly a

When contacted by phone and asked about the women Chinn hung
up the phone.)

                                    CONVICT - AGAIN
                                  Released from prison.
A new marital start - Wayne Chinn and Wife no. 5, Cynthia Castile are moving to Estes
                                  Park, Colorado. Chinn decides that he will move first, get established
                                  and then his wife Cynthia would follow.

                                  Cynthia waited...and waited.

Cynthia Castile  "So I called what I thought was his place of employment, and Sharon 
                             says ‘He doesn't work here,’ and I said, 'He doesn't?' She says 'No, I
                             fired him in December." And I say, 'That's interesting,' and she says,
                            'But he's still in the area, him and his wife have a gift shop in downtown
                             Estes Park,' and I said, 'His what?' She says, 'His wife.' I said, 'I'm his
                              wife.' She says, 'Well he's got two then, doesn't he.
                                        Cynthia Castille presses charges.
                                    Bigamy conviction - Tillamook, Oregon 

2008 - September - Chinn & wife no. 7 move from Springfield, Oregon to Pinedale,

(According to wife no 7's family, the couple skipped out on unpaid debts).
Chinn is hired at the White Pine Ski Resort to manage the restaurant and
hospitality staff. 
Wyoming - A personal ad on appears containing similar language
 to Wayne Yee Chinn’s Oregon postings. The ad is signed "W."
"I was among them, though not included in any of the reports.
                  I have, for years, been embarrassed over my naivete 
                  Looking back now, I think "How could I have fallen for that!?" 
                  And my only answers are "he's good" and I was young and naive and
                  wanted to believe in a "good guy".

                 How disgustingly wrong I was. And it cost me not only money, but freedoms.

                 I hope this man rots in hell and if anyone knows how to get a hold of him,
                 let me know.

                 It may not mean much, but I want to sue the pants off him and make him
                 pay for what he did not only to me, but others as well. (I know it's a pointless  
                 effort, but it makes me even more mad as I further learn the discovery of his

                 No woman (or person) deserves to run into a creature like this."


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#2 [url]

Feb 10 11 6:34 PM

-He's trying to hide out in Wasilla, AK as you said at the Last Frontier Brewery. But there are some people looking for him, the money he owes them, etc. His phone numbers are 907-903-8550 or 907-382-1268. His "current" wife Debbie is with him who works at K&L Distributing in Anchorage, Alaska & is either blind or abused. Half the city knows about him already, hope he doesn't rip off all the customers credit cards :(

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#3 [url]

Mar 2 11 2:05 AM

Mr. Chinn has made mistakes in his younger years, and has dealt with them. As a forward thinking, civilized society we are taught to allow people to learn from their mistakes. This man had been nothing but professional and up front about his past and has moved on with his life. He has already been judged, sentenced and paid his debt to society and merely wishes to be allowed to be a productive person in society. Please note that none of his past mistakes are of any violent nature such as child moleststion, murder, rape of any of the other incidious crimes that are clearly unacceptable. If the courts in the respective states have found him having paid his debts to society and allowed him be be free of any supervision or maintenance, then who are we to be another level of JUDGE, JUROR AND EXECUTIONER. Let the man be!!

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#5 [url]

Mar 2 11 2:10 AM

As a close friend to Randy Martin, I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Chinn, and if you even gave this man a chance you will find that he is better than the news article. Despite the goals of an over zealous news reporter and a few spurned women, Mr. Chinn is great at what he does. He provides very high quality food and had created a very welcome venue in our little town of Wasilla. Randy has many times stated that he has nothing but good to say about Mr. Chinn. The Last Frontier Brewing Company opened when it did due to Mr. Chinn's assistance and persistant attitude. He desrves to be given another chance...And I for one will support him!!

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#7 [url]

Mar 10 11 4:19 PM

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! Wayne Chinn is dishonest to the core! He is a con man, and it wouldn't surprise me in the least bit that he posted the March 2nd and 3rd postings himself. He continues to be judged by people like me who he has swindled in one way or another, sentenced for crimes prior than 2004 to my knowledge, but there are many, MANY More crimes he has committed that he will not own up to. Wayne Yee Chinn is a liar and a con man. Who owes money to people in many states. Don't you wonder why he has moved so many times and had so many jobs?

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#9 [url]

Mar 15 11 11:47 PM

It seems pointless to post comments if you are not involved in thia. As a friend of Mr. Chinn, having worked for him, despite what some of you say, he is not the man of his past. Meg Lum, you have no right to post the comments you do, nor have you the right to spread your own motivated rumors. You too have a past and I'm confident you don't want it spread around. ALL of us have skeletons! Some are more serious than others, but everyone has made mistakes. If Mr. Chinn was trying to run away from matters, why hasn't he changed his name? Why has he remained in one location for over 2 years? None of you have an answer for that do you? I wouldn't be surprised that if he identifies who all of you are aside from Meg Lum, that Mr. Martin can file a harassment suit against you for inhibiting his ability to operate his business succesfully. Your comments are damaging to him as well. So please be aware that your over zealous holier than thou comments could put you in line for a lawsuit.

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#10 [url]

Mar 16 11 4:32 PM

guest, freedom of speech works both ways, both for you, and for the posters who have
posted their "opinions," some of which are based upon first hand knowledge. Any suit
would have to "PROVE" that their comments inhibited said person's ability to operate
a business. That he remains in business negates anything anyone online says about
an employee, an employee that has a criminal past.

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#11 [url]

Mar 19 11 7:26 AM

Fact, he does not stay in one area for too long. Since he met his current wife, they have lived in: McCall, ID, Medford, OR, Reedsport, OR, Springfield, OR, Parkdale, WY, another town in WY, Moose Jaw, AK, another Alaskan town, I forget the name, Anchorge, AK, and now Wasilla, AK. That is at least TEN places he has lived in the last for years. I was wrong, he does stay in one spot for two years or longer, if you believe him, you are just as blind as his moral compass of a wife!

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#12 [url]

Mar 19 11 7:35 AM

BTW, if he is such a good business man why has he had so many jobs in a short amount of time? Oh, I forgot because he is, wait as I vomit in my mouth a little, an honest and decent man. And Wayne, you give yourself up every time you post... Only you would threaten a harassment suit against someone, been there done that where you are concerned. I wonder if those warrants from Washington have caught up with you. Thank you to the person who posted his numbers, time to make another anonymous phone call...

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#13 [url]

Mar 21 11 12:20 PM

In answer to why hasn't Wayne left...well it's not for lack of trying. He's trolled on several dating sites looking for his next victim. His profile is always the same.."Looking for a Real Woman" who wants a solid, committed and monogamous relationship...blah, blah, blah. So Wayne...what’s wrong with #7.. your current wife? If you want to leave so bad, why not just divorce her? Might save you another bigamy charge.

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#15 [url]

Mar 22 11 3:29 PM

So what happened Wayne? Thought you were God's gift to The Last Frontier Brewing Co. Could it be they discovered you are only pretending to be a real chef or that you are a pathological liar. Bet you showed them...walking out like that...not!

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#16 [url]

Mar 28 11 10:52 AM

In response to the posting on March 2nd- "Please note that none of his past mistakes are of any violent nature such as child molestation, murder, rape of any of the other insidious crimes that are clearly unacceptable." What part of CONVICTED BIGAMIST, ARSONIST, THIEF isn't violent? Isn't arson the destruction of property by fire? And fire isn't violent. Also in response to "This man had been nothing but professional and up front about his past and has moved on with his life." What part of his past has he been up front about? I noticed the word honest wasn't included in that sentence. Was he up front about his two older children being alive and well in Washington? Nope, he tells people they died in a car crash years ago. Has he been up front about his career in the Navy? Nope, he tells people he was still serving up to 2009, when he was discharged in the 70's. Was he up front to his "wives" about the other "wives?" Nope, he married two women at the same time, more than once. He was just convicted once. Was he up front with his current wife about his past when he married her? Nope, she knew nothing of his past that he had moved on from. Is he up front with the women he meets on the internet about dating? Nope, he tells them he is single, he is married. Is he up front on his resume about his past jobs? Nope, he fraudulently lists a degree he never obtained, and positions he never held, or was fired from. Wayne Yee Chinn is nothing but a con artist who gets off on the attention brought on by others. It brought me great satisfaction to see that others are not as easily fooled by this plague to society.

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#18 [url]

Mar 30 11 10:47 PM

I am the" Michelle" in the articles written about Wayne's past.  If anyone has been hurt financally or emotionally by Wayne, it is me. If anyone has the right to carry a huge grudge, it is me..But here is the thing.  I have forgiven him for his past choices and so should you all.  Forgive, be aware, but move on.  If I can, so can you.

What right does anyone have to continue to stalk this couple, calling their bosses, e-mailing their employers as well as writing letters to their employers...etc.

They need to be given the right to move on and be given the opportunity to be useful members of society.  That is pretty difficult to do when they are continually harrassed by people that won't leave them alone.

Let this go.  Leave them alone.  Everyone should have the right to the pursuit of happiness. No one is protecting his wife....they are only hurting her.  She is not being held captive.  She loves her husband and will support him, even knowing his mistakes and weaknesses. The constant harrassment only serves to make them closer.  It is not driving them apart as you may have planned.  Enough already

The Bible makes it pretty clear about who should and shouldn't be getting even...and it's not us.

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#20 [url]

Mar 31 11 3:51 PM

The funny thing one is stalking them, no one is calling their work, no one is writing their bosses. So where do you think all of this is coming from? If you guessed Wayne, then you would be right. Wayne can't hold a job down because he LIES on his applications. It's easier for him to say "someone called and got me fired" than for him to be honest. When you think about it, no employer is going to fire someone over a stalker's phone call.

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