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May 1 13 1:57 PM

If you have truly put him out of your mind and move on with your life, why are you still reading and posting on this website? Maybe in reality you are still holding on because he didn't stay with you. He is staying with the woman he left you for...

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Jul 13 13 11:45 PM

geeeeez a former wife telling us not to judge him.. get real.. NICE ONE WAYNE.. Yee and Lea would be proud! People need to post all of this about Wayne so there are no more victims.. What a bunch of losers trying to protect him. ohhh thats right.. the loser is Wayne because he is the only one that would post a decent good thing about him. Ive know him since I was about 12. Lived where he commited arson, know his parents. So go, tell me Wayne not to judge.

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#84 [url]

Apr 25 14 8:29 PM

Another victim ends it 4/24/14

Wayne is at it again. I just found out about him last night. He is using Craigslist stating all the crap that's been said for years. Currently goes by Wayne Christian. I just gave him money to "get to his dad's funeral in Seattle". He drives a blue dodge pickup. Says he has his own restaurant consulting business called culinary professionals. Was working 2 jobs--snow removal at the airport but obviously no snow in Anchorage to remove at this time. I thank God he didn't get me too bad. I already had red flags waving and, yes Wayne, negative tapes playing in my head. I am not bitter. I'm grateful to know that my scum of the earth, red flag radar is still working great. I just had to give him the truth serum in the form of money to prove it. When I handed it to him I said I would probably never hear from him again. He knew I was onto him but I didn't even know the extent until I learned his CHINESE last name, which I had all along on a picture but didn't realize it. From day one I wondered why he had a last name like Christian when his father was Chinese. He was using the number 907-717-3669. Too bad he's not for real. He really could have been a wonderful man if he wasn't such a narcissistic sociopath.

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#85 [url]

Apr 14 15 4:52 PM

Be aware these are not victimless nonviolent crimes (4th wife's daughter)

I'd like to offer a couple of corrections and some additional information about just how insidious and dangerous I believe this person to be.
Corrections: My mother, Wayne's fourth wife ( we all still live in Bellingham) filed for the annulment after the local police told her that they had no intention of perusing the case of bigamy against him and his third wife sued him for divorce. Those actions were not initiated by Chinn, but rather by his third and fourth wives. 
     Icky notes on this: we (my mom, my sister, my nephew, and myself) constantly spent time with the daughter he had with his third wife who also lived in Bellingham. I'm not sure how he kept her from telling her mother about us as she would spend days at time with them/us at which point Wayne would tell us about how Stephanie had to go back into the hospital for more chemotherapy as she was dying of cancer (totally false as far as I'm aware), but the tears I cried thinking about Stephanie going through all that chemo were totally as was the heartbreak. It's so completely icky and unconscionable to use your kids like that.

My mother became aware that something was wrong when her household bills started coming back having been unpaid for the last four months or so, because she'd been giving Wayne cash to go pay the bills directly, and surprise he hadn't been. When she asked him about it, he became irate and said that he was being called up by the reserves and he could be leaving at any moment. Two days later my mom got a phone call from a life insurance company, wanting to speak with her regarding the million dollar life insurance policy she'd bought on herself setting up my biological father as the beneficiary. Except that she'd bought no such policy, with all the strangeness going on my mom went through her file and found that Wayne had indeed taken the copy she had of my dad's birth certificate. From that point we had to call my dad who confirmed with the SS office that a copy of his SS card had been applied for. After the policy was discovered and his attempt to steal my father's identity, assuredly in order to cash in on life insurance policy after killing my mother. My whole family ambushed him at his other wife's house, after the local police again told my mother they had no intention of charging him with anything or even questioning him. What we found in the trunk of his car: bypass lopers, lye, bleach, plastic tarp, rope, and a shovel

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