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Jul 18 11 3:12 AM

I agree about the unfairness towards Betty Guest_guest - Dan Broderick certainly comes across as a very controlling person and as a top lawyer he was far beyond Betty in legal matters. However in a way she used him as well - it's pretty clear that his career was supposed to fuel her life on the good side after it took off.

On the other hand I don't think that Linda Kolkena (like the thousand's of other trophy-wives all over the country) are stupid at all. Dan Broderick was a good catch from a financial point of view, he was charismatic and not a bad looking guy either and some women prefer assertive men who can take charge - as long as they are successful too and can provide well for them. Linda would probably have had a pretty good life with Dan if Betty hadn't reacted the way she did. As life strategies goes that's not the worst choice you can make...

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#22 [url]

Jul 18 11 7:09 PM

Jowls, you made a lot of good points. I will say this for Linda-I believe Dan put HER through hell as well as putting Betty through hell. I think he was very self-centered and didn't want to share his wealth with anyone. The way I think Linda was a little stupid-or naive-is that she went out with a man knowing full well he was married. Then she put up with his s**t for 6 years before he finally broke down and married her. I think she should have married that one guy who was really in love with her-forgot his name. Sometimes immense wealth does not mean happiness and, if Linda would have lived, she would have found that out the hard way.

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#23 [url]

Jul 18 11 8:39 PM

True enough Guest_guest. A man who has strayed on one wife may easily do so again with her successor. Thus Linda Kolkena might very well have gotten to experience the same thing as Betty, when Dan got his next young female assistant.

I guess that's the classic problem facing women who chase married men. Yes, she may succeed in "stealing" the man away from his wife, but how will she ever be able to fully trust him after he has shown such lack of integrity? If he's worth having, she can't get him and if she can get him he isn't worth having...

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#25 [url]

Jul 26 11 2:08 PM

Linda Kolkena was not a paralegal! She was hired as a receptionist and kept that title until she started screwing around with her boss. I read here all the horrible things Betty had done to Dan and Linda. What about the horrible things Dan and Linda did to Betty? Betty obviously should NOT have murdered her philandering husband and his little plaything but Dan and Linda weren't the only victims in this story. Also, I heard that Dan and Linda are not buried in the same grave-that Linda's remains were removed and moved to a private location by her family.  Has anyone heard this story?


No one deserves to die by the hands of another. I went through something very simular to this. Not as dramatic. After 12 years of marriage my husband out of the blue had an affair with my sister. There was no build up. I came out of the hospital and found e-mails. He was a military officer and I could of had his career buried. Of course I was devistated. He gave me everything I wanted in the divorce because of his guilt. Thank God we had no children. I think that's what made it so hard in this case. Betty supported him in the early years, wore hand me down clothes so he could be dapper Dan.She did this to build a life togehter. I do understand Betty's rage. Some woman can walk away. Some can't. I simply walked away in my marriage. I was very cold. Like insainly cold hearted about it. I was not going to let them see me upset and decistated. I was not going to fight for a man who did not want me. Of course I screamed at night in the shower. I was a mess for a few years because I put off feeling the pain of betrayal of a sister and a husband (who married 4 years later after he left the military). I moved on to find the love of my life. So now I thank God that it happened. Dan should of given her half his income period. Not pulled strings messed with her ability to hire an attorney and played games with fines. He was a cad and a lowlife. Any woman messing around with a married man is trash. If he would of lived he would of married up again and left her white trash behind by now anyway. I;m not saying he asked for it. He certainly did not help !

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#26 [url]

Jul 26 11 2:11 PM

That is perfectly said. I always wondered why woman do this. Why would they want a man who could walk away for his family with small children. That is not the kind of charactor and integrity I want in a man !

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#27 [url]

Jul 26 11 5:49 PM

 After 12 years of marriage my husband out of the blue had an affair with my sister...


I'd be much more angry with my sister were I in your shoes. There are things you just don't do to family...

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#30 [url]

Jul 26 11 7:15 PM

no have not heard that story yet but it does not make it right to kill someone for any reason unless you are seriously sick Linda and Dan didnt start messing around until AFTER he divorced yes they worked close together but they were victims Betty did some serious damage especially to her children she mentally torchered her husband and critisized his every move, people change sometimes its time to let go and move on not let go and kill someone wake up people geez....

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#31 [url]

Jul 26 11 7:20 PM

one thing has nothing to do with the other,, Linda wasnt stupid she was young and Betty and Dan were not happy he didnt owe her anything at once yes they were a happy couple but sometimes people grow apart and betty was all about controlling and the money, so what if she worked in the beginning, if he wasnt what he became then she wouldnt of had everything she wanted, I think she was Bi-Polar because her moods changed from one minute to the next.. Killing anyone is not and EXCUSE for anything that is just being a coward dan and linda did not deserve to die and the children did not deserve this either....

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#33 [url]

Jul 26 11 7:33 PM

Wow, interesting posts! I actually agree with Debbie60435. It must have been incredibly frustrating and painful for Betty to watch someone else just step into HER life! She enabled him to become the successful person he was. I too think that Linda was a homewrecker and have little to no sympathy for her. Betty's entire life was stripped from underneath of her and she fought, albeit in the wrong way, to keep it! She even lost their mutual friends! I cannot explain why I feel that way but I do. I do feel sorry for the children having to go through that though. I would only hope this could be more of a lesson about not being golddiggers/sleeping with married men instead of how crazy Betty became in the end!

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#34 [url]

Jul 26 11 7:33 PM

I feel that everyone have their own opinion about whatever.I also feel that he who is without sin cast the first stone.We are all born into sin.I know what Dan did was wrong and what Betty did was also wrong.Linda I know knew that Dan had a wife so why she allowed herself to get involved in that situation I do not know.I just do not think that this should have occur in this way she should not have took theses two individuals lives she had no right to do that.If the movie is anything like Betty Broderick I feel that she was depressed and she needed help maybe psychological along with medication to balance her out.I feel bad for Betty Broderick because she actually needed help and she rejected advice from friends.I also feel bad for her husband and Linda Broderick neither should have lost their life at the hands of Betty Broderick they did not deserve that.

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#35 [url]

Jul 26 11 7:54 PM

I went through the same thing as Betty Broderick. I sure wanted to shoot my own ex-husband, but I think that old Betty took care of the urge for me. There is nothing more repulsive than an older man betraying his wife and picking up with a nymphlet half his age. I still detest the woman who displaced me, and now the SOB is sorry he left. Regretting his choice is the best revenge yet!

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#36 [url]

Jul 26 11 8:17 PM

Betty belongs behind bars for the rest of her life. Better yet - they should drop a house on her like they did the wicked witch of the west! Even her children agree that she is a menace to society and would most likely kill again if she went free.

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#38 [url]

Jul 26 11 8:31 PM

Me thinks Betty went nuts before her and Dan split, which is why his eyes wandered. This is just a sad story and I feel for the young kids who lost their father and mother, unnecessarily. Apparently Angry Betty is still bitter. She was denied parole in 2010 because she showed no remorse or any wrongdoing.

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#40 [url]

Jul 26 11 8:55 PM

betty was and still is a complete loser. she was just a jelous house wife embarrassed of being left by her husband for someone better looking than her. she tried playing the inocent one in the trail. just a money hungry bitch with no life of her own. no one deserves to be murdered especially over something as petty as jelousy. just move on with your life

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