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Feb 15 09 1:00 PM

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                      LINDA (KOLKENA) AND DAN BRODERICK
What one should remember when speaking of the Broderick case is that all of the individuals (Dan and Linda, Betty, their children and families), are human beings, with all the faults and foibles that brings. But most of all - that no one deserves to be murdered in their own beds. Families shouldn't be deprived of a parent, son, daughter, or a father because of someone else's hatred, anger, narcissm and inability to deal with rejection.
                                                      THE MURDERS
She purchased a .38 caliber, five-shot revolver, took shooting lessons and then practiced repeatedly at the firing range.
She left her boyfriend sleeping in her bed, in her home. She'd taken her oldest daughter's key and used it to let herself into their house.  She climbed the stairs and at the top stood listening to see if anyone had heard her. Not hearing anyone stirring, she slipped into the master bedroom and stood looking at the sleeping couple, Dan and Linda. She lifted her hands and pointed the gun and with hatred and fury in her heart, began firing.
One bullet pierced through the sleeping Linda's neck and lodged into her brain. A second bullet hit Linda in her chest. One bullet peforated a sleeping Dan's back, fracturing a rib and tearing through his right lung. He rolled, dove or fell to the floor near where the telephone was located by the bedside.
One bullet hit a bedside table and another bullet slammed into the wall.
She walked over to the phone and yanked the cord from the wall. Then she turned and sauntered down the stairs and out of the house to her car. After the adrenalin and elation drained away she began to implement her plan to protect herself from justice.
                                    TESTIMONY & BETTY BRODERICK'S STATEMENTS
*Betty's description of the murders has varied slightly in the details depending on whom she is speaking with. She remembers other "details" in court.
 Betty Broderick told friends she was taking target practice with a handgun.
Betty Broderick:  "Linda came at me and the gun went off over and across the bed."
Christopher Swalwell (San Diego County Deputy Medical Examiner) "Linda was killed instantly when a bullet penetrated her brain stem."

Police Lt. Gary Learn said "Linda Broderick, 28, was shot twice, in the back of the head and the chest. She was found lying on her stomach in the bed, dressed in her pajamas."
 Police Lt. Gary Learn "Daniel Broderick, 44, sleeping in his boxer shorts, was shot once in the back. His body was found lying on the floor, and the lieutenant said it was possible that the force of the blast knocked his body off the bed

 Betty Broderick "There was no pain and there was no blood. It was simple."
 "I'm not quite sure, I don't think they're dead, your father was talking" "You know I had to do it, one of us had to die." AUDIO
  "He didn't say, 'You shot me."  "He said, 'OK, OK, you got me."
"Linda said "Call the police." AUDIO
Christopher Swalwell (San Diego County Deputy Medical Examiner)  "Dan died more slowly, as blood filled his right lung and made it more and more difficult to breathe. It took a few minutes, probably."
Betty Broderick "I recall driving to Dan's, thinking for a moment I might even kill myself in front of him, splattering my brains across his bedroom. "I pushed the (bedroom) door open...They moved, I moved, and it was over..."

 "It was dark in there, I remember the sun was up, looking back, either I was kooked, or they must have had the drapes closed. I started firing but I wasn't sure if I'd hit anyone. It was such a panicked thing. It was never a thing where I even aimed. I pulled (the trigger) real fast--no hesitation at all."  
"I had no bullets or anything, and I just had to get out of there." "I saw Daniel. He was on the floor, and the phone was right next to him. I thought, 'Oh, my God! He is going to be on that phone before I'm down the stairs. I pulled the phone out of the wall and fled."

The phone was located upon one of the bedside tables, not on the floor near Dan.)
Betty Broderick "It wasn't like I planned to go kill anybody and now I'm sorry. Because I never planned to kill anybody."

Police Lt. Gary Learn "She had emptied her gun, shooting Linda twice, in the head and chest, and Daniel once in the back. Another bullet struck the wall and a fifth hit a bedside table."  "She was in a position in the room where she fired these shots, just standing adjacent to the bed and shooting over it. Now, as to the movements and who was shot first, we don't know yet. We may never know." 

Betty Broderick "I wish Dan were here to tell you the truth." AUDIO
Betty Broderick "Dan suffered from chronic alcoholism."  (Betty used this claim to show "Dan's cruelty" to her.)
Christopher Swalwell (San Diego County Deputy Medical Examiner) "A healthy liver." "There was nothing that I found that indicated he was a chronic alcohol abuser. While not all chronic drinkers have visibly damaged livers, the more of an alcoholic you are the more likely you are to have damage. His liver looked normal and didn't show any of the changes associated with alcoholism."

But before the murders of Dan and Linda Broderick, there were three individuals in the throes of life. 
Undergraduate degree at Notre Dame, graduate from Cornell University Medical College, law degree from Harvard University. Admitted to the State Bar of California in 1973 Daniel became an expert in medical malpractice cases. 1987 President of the San Diego County Bar Association. Prior to setting up his own law firm, Dan Broderick was employed at San Diego's oldest law firm, Gray, Cary, Ames & Frye.

Oldest of 9 children, four brothers, four sisters from a strick Catholic family of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Descendants of an Irish immmigrant to the United States. Their father was the first Broderick to attend college (Notre Dame), a naval officer and later a lumber wholesaler.

Larry Broderick (Dan's brother) "My father was a disciplinarian, there is no question. All my siblings went to college--and every boy attended Notre Dame. "Our will to succeed is inherited. It's genetic.. Dan was the brightest in the family."

employed a Gray, Cary, Ames & Frye, Broderick was know as a "powerful orator," an ambitious but brilliant young man who tempered his ambition with a sense of humor. He was well respected. Brian D. Monagan (Lawyer at competing firm, and a friend of Dan's) "He had an incredible force that stemmed from personal integrity. It was really unusual."
Daniel Broderick went on to specialize in medical malpractice suits. He represented the families of National Steel & Shipbuilding workers killed and injured in a highly publicized crane accident; represented the late Monte Kobey after the swap meet czar contracted AIDS from a blood transfusion;  won a $1.25-million jury award for a girl who was sexually molested by her father.
He also became a multi-millionaire.
After starting his own private practice, Dan Broderick did the appointments, his calendar and shared a receptionist with other lawyers. He brought work home to keep up with a growing business caseload.
His family life was chaotic due to his wife's increasingly neurotic behaviour.

Dan hired an assistant, Linda Kolkena in 1983, with whom he would have an affair, and later marry after his divorce from Betty Broderick.
                         BETTY BRODERICK                      
                                       ELISABETH ANNE (BISCEGLIA) 
Graduate of College of Mount Saint Vincent (Catholic Women's College) Riverdale, New York.
BSN in Nursing.
Third of 6 children of a Catholic family from Eastchester, New York.Irish America mother, Italian father, who with his brothers founded a plastering firm.
Met future husband Dan Broderick at a football game. Prior to their marriage Betty was employed as a nurse and Dan was attending Cornell University Medical School (in New York City rather than Ithaca, New York). Married 1969 in Eastchester, NY. (Betty's mother planned the lavish ceremony.)

(Source: Wikipedia)  Both Betty and Dan experienced doubts about the marriage during the honeymoon, Betty later complained about their first sexual experiences among other problems.)
Betty worked as a nurse until their daughter Kim was born, at which point she quit nursing.
(Betty had always claimed motherhood been her only ambition). She did work at various jobs while Dan was in Harvard pursuing a law degree.
Dan and Betty's children: Kim, Lee (daughter), Daniel and Rhett, an unnamed boy who
died four days after birth. Betty also aborted one child (without informing Dan of her pregnancy or plans.)

Betty enjoyed life as a socialite and their increasing affluence as the Brodericks became well known in San Diego social circles.

Betty Broderick "All my life I tried so hard to be a good daughter, a good wife, a good neighbor. . . . My husband unzips his fly and screws the bimbo, and I lose all that.
Their marriage had been deteriorating from the start but increasingly became more difficult. Both engaged in unseemly behaviour. Betty abused the children as well as Dan.
Dan began an affair with his legal assistant, Linda Kolkena.
Betty Broderick "I was the hero and told the truth about everything and was willing to pay the consequences ... but politics took over and now I'm paying for more than I actually did."

                                   BETTY BRODERICK AND BRADLY WRIGHT
In the divorce settlement Betty was awarded $16,000 a month. (That's more than many people make in an entire year.)
Betty Broderick "The day he (Dan) finally left, in 1985, was one of the best days of my life, because I was free!"
"I am still with Brad, the same man I've been with since two weeks after Dan walked out in 1985."

After the divorce Betty Broderick and her boyfriend, Bradley T. Wright, 36, a businessman (fence construction) and avid sailor shared meals, shared their days, and their nights together...for years.
Betty told anyone who would listen that "Dan had kept a grip on my personal life. "Dan divorced me totally, completely, but I was still married to him because I had no (final) settlement. For five years, he had someone to sleep with, party with, have dinner with. I'm standing there going, 'What about me?' "
 Betty Broderick "He (Brad) did the boy jobs; I did the girl jobs." 
One week before Betty Broderick murdered Dan and Linda, Brad and Betty had returned from a trip to

Betty Broderick denies that she and Brad were intimate sexually, yet they often slept in the sam bed and her daughter Lee walked in on them together in the shower. 
Kim Broderick " Lee and I often confronted mom  about the relationship. Once, after Lee walked in on them in the shower, I asked mom how she could be mad that Dad had Linda when she had Brad. Mom Betty said "How can you equate the two? Brad doesn't support me!"

"I'm not the kind of person to be with someone and not be married. Brad is six years my junior. I
never brought Brad anywhere as my date because he was too young. I didn't want to be the other half of the midlife joke."
Betty was asked why Brad often slept over. Betty replied "It was like having a dog, but he was house trained.

Brad was in Betty's home, in her bed, and was awakened by the phone and told that "Betty had "shot at Dan." Brad, along with a long time friend of  Dan's rushed over to Dan's home. They found Dan and Linda's bloody bodies.
To this date, Brad manages her affairs for her outside of prison, sold her house, put furniture in storage, receives her mail, and delivers it to her almost every weekend at the prison.
Betty Broderick was sentenced to two consecutive terms of 15 years to life plus two years for illegal use of a firearm. Broderick is currently serving out her sentence at the Central California Women's Facility in
Chowchilla, California. She will have to serve a minimum of 21 years before being eligible for parole.

                                     FAMILY LIFE WITH BETTY & DAN BRODERICK
Betty Broderick was diagnosed by Clinical Pyschologist Katherine DiFrancesca, as suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder, characterized, first by Histrionic traits, and Narcissism secondarily."
(Source: Bella Stumbo: Until the 12th of Never)
Betty Broderick "I have never had emotional disturbance or mental illness--except when he (Dan)
provoked a "disturbance,"   I was crazy, like an electrified crazy person. AUDIO

Larry Broderick: "Over a dozen years, Betty threatened to leave Dan a hundred times and Dan responded by retreating from Betty and escaping into his work." "He didn't pay much attention to her." "The more it happened, the more he would tune out."
Betty Broderick "Dan was increasingly busy and aloof, but I was content."
Betty Broderick "(Larry) Dan's "detestable" brother. We've never liked each other."



Kim Broderick:  "She was always getting all dressed up and at the last minute saying, 'I'm not going."
"Mom was always kind of weird. Mom would get mad at Dad all the time. Once Mom picked up the stereo and threw it at him. And she locked him out constantly. He'd come around to my window and whisper, 'Kim, let me in."
It's wasn't uncommon for mom to throw frozen food, or to hit Kim and her sister, Lee."Lee would always say, 'Your spankings don't hurt me'--you know, she was bratty." So Mom said, 'OK, next time you're bad I'll hit you with a fly swatter. Lee was out in the yard and Mom went after her with the swatter and the little screen came off so it was just the wire and she kept hitting her. Lee had big welts all over her legs. . . . I'd grab Danny and hide in the closet."

"She was always telling me they were getting a divorce. She'd say, 'Who are you going to live with?' I was dying for Dad to divorce her. I'd say to Dad, "Just take me the day you leave."
Kim testified that her mother's cruelty was frequently aimed at her children. Often Betty told them (the children) that she hated them.

Betty Broderick "Kim is weak and impressionable."

Betty's behaviour was increasingly irratic, so much so that Dan finally filed restraining orders against her.
Betty retaliated by ignoring those orders.

Betty Broderick (by her own admission) was using crude language towards them.  She chose obscene nicknames for him and Linda and used them in the messages she left on his answering machine. 
(Source: Till Murder Do Us Part (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)
"Dan began to withhold $100 for every obscene word she used, $250 for each time she set foot on his property, $500 for every entry into his house and $1,000 for every time she took one of the children without his permission. In one month, Betty claims, Dan fined her so many times that her allowance totaled "minus $1,300." A month later, a judge ordered Dan to pay Betty $12,500 a month--a sum that was later increased to $16,100 a month.
Dan Broderick wrote to Betty Broderick "You have told the kids that if I withhold any money this month . . .you will kill me and see that not a brick is left standing in my house. You better think twice about that. If you make any attack on me or my property, you will never again get a red cent out of me without a court order."

A neighbor of Dan and Betty's in La Jolla said "local housewives were sympathetic to Elisabeth because it appeared she had been dumped for a younger woman." "It destroyed her. She gained a lot of weight. She used to be so gorgeous, always slim. That was the main thing. And, in La Jolla, it's not a pretty
picture to be a divorced wife. You don't have any status. There's no place for you."


Marilyn L. Huff (Attorney)  Elisabeth is a "very bright, intelligent person who felt considerable hurt and betrayal by the second marriage and, before that, by Dan's losing interest in her and gaining interest
in another woman."  ""Some people are able to move on in life and take a constructive attitude. Some
people are not. She was in the second group."

Harrison (fellow Attorney) "Dan's colleagues and friends realized that his former marriage was "something that did not get better."

Barry (Dan's former lawyer) "Daniel Broderick decided "he couldn't live life looking over his shoulder constantly. He had to look forward. It would have paralyzed him."
Laurel Summers (A paralegal who had worked with Dan Broderick) "Dan's major feeling about (Elisabeth) was that, if he acted in a rational, kind manner that she would come around and be that kind of person, too."
Ned Huntington (Attorney & close friend) "He recognized she was the mother of his children and really didn't take the  strong measures he could have taken. It had gone on so long that Dan just adjusted to her craziness. He didn't want the guilt of being punitive toward her. So he let her get away with a lot of atrocious acts. He just wouldn't punish her."
Kim Broderick "It was on Easter, I asked her to drive my friend home, and she lost it. She said, "Pack your bags. "  Betty Broderick dumped her daughter Kim at her father's house. No one was home and Kim was forced to wait for hours on the doorstep.  (Dan was unaware, and Betty did not inform him, that she had planned to do this.)
Betty Broderick dumped her son Danny off in a few days. A month and a half later, Betty dumped the two youngest boys, Rhett and Lee the same way.
Kiim Broderick "They were hysterical--holding onto her, crying and screaming. Crying hard, 'Don't leave us here.' It was awful."  "She (Mom) said, 'I'm leaving. Your dad's not going to get away with this."

Kim Broderick "Mom could never admit that she'd ever have a happy life. That would be admitting that she could get on with herself and that Dad didn't ruin her life." "Hating dad and Linda became mom's reason for living."
Betty Broderick punished those who didn't share her feelings about Dan and Linda.
Kim Broderick " I was 18 and discovered I was pregnant." Kim turned to her step-mother Linda for help in getting an abortion.  "When mom found out she sent a letter to my dad's whole family and called one of my friend's mothers. Whenever friends came to the house, she talked about it. The whole world knew."
Kim believes  her mother punished her for relying on Linda.  
(Betty had obtained an abortion when Kim was 4 and Lee was 2.)
Betty told Rhett (one of the youngest children) that if he loved her, he would stab Linda in the stomach.

Betty told her sons that when Dan and Linda had a baby, as they were planning, Dan would no longer be their father.

Betty Broderick "My outbursts are just the fury of a protective mother--a "mommy tree protecting the little saplings."

Betty repeatedly left obscene and sexually explicit messages on Dan and Linda's answering machine and frequently abused him and his new wife in recorded telephone conversations with the children.
AUDIO - 11 year old crying, asking his mother to stop the fighting. Betty doesn't care about his feelings, only her own and uses profanity to him. She accuses the child of lying when he pointed out that there were fights before Linda came into their lives.
Betty Broderick "I never intended to make an obscene phone call. I always picked up the phone to call my children. But then I'd get Linda's (tape-recorded) voice on the line. That phone line was the only communication I had with my kids. They would entrap me into these calls, and then they'd just type it up."
"The only purpose of that machine was to taunt me." 
Betty Broderick drove her car into Dan and Linda's living-room window, not caring that her children were there in the house.

Betty's friends "Before  Daniel and Linda Broderick were married, Elisabeth stole their wedding guest list."
"She was a familiar face at the courthouse, where she allegedly would deface the divorce court records wherever Linda's name appeared."

Betty Broderick "He was accusing me for years. Most of those things never happened. I'd never threatened him. The only weapons I had were my tongue and my superior attitude."

" Betty wanted to be known as a selfless woman, a martyr who was willing to face prison in order to free her children from a man who "would not relinquish power."

Kathi Cuffaro, (Legal Associate of Dan's handling his divorce settlement) "Dan had told Betty he would give her what she said she wanted most: custody of Danny and Rhett." Dan's offer had stipulations: He wanted Betty to have the boys on a trial basis, and he wanted an "automatic revert" clause written in to any agreement so that he wouldn't have to return to court if things didn't work out. Dan "was convinced he needed to try it to see if that would calm her down."
Betty says "Dan was bluffing."  "I decided he was never going to let me have those kids."
Sharon Blanchet "Dan had made himself clear. If the boys came to stay, Betty knew she would lose her excuse to intervene in Dan's life. She was a woman who used her children to her purpose, and her purpose was to  make life as miserable for Dan as she possibly could. She killed him because there wasn't going to be anything more to argue with him about."
Even behind bars Betty tries to manipulate the children:

Kim Broderick "She calls frequently to check on the boys. Mom told me to "kidnap Danny and Rhett and groom them and raise them in San Diego. She still thinks she's going to get out."

                     LINDA KOLKENA
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Linda Bernadette Kolkena (22). Former airline stewardess and paralegal from Salt Lake City, Utah.

She's been described as "bright, organized and engaging." Linda was hired a receptionist in the legal offices on the same floor as Dan Broderick's office. Dan later offered her a job as his legal assistant.
Marshall Hocket (Lawyer and friend of Dan and Linda's) "Books were disappearing from Linda's bedside stand, right next to the bed. She indicated to me they were surprised by the ex-wife in the house one night. It scared the hell out of her, and she asked me to speak to Dan about it. I didn't, which I'll
probably regret for the rest of my life."

Daniel Broderick had to obtain protective orders against Elisabeth Broderick, to protect himself and Linda, which Betty routinely violated.
Betty Broderick "I just wanted him to get rid of his very public, very humiliating, embarrassing girlfriend. If he had been discreet, he could have kept her." (Lexxicon Interview 2001)

Betty Broderick "That girl had nothing on me. I am prettier, smarter, classier; she is a dumb, uneducated tramp with no background or education or talent. He'll definitely get over it.
He didn't. Instead, the two were increasingly drawn together, developing deeper feelings for each other during their affair.  Then Dan, tired of Betty's erratic behaviour, divorced her.
He and Linda married in the front yard of his home in 1989. Dan had hired undercover security guards.
Linda had asked him to wear a bullet-proof vest, but he refused. 
Daniel Broderick "I doubt Betty would kill her "golden goose"--the man who was paying her bills."

Linda and Dan Broderick are buried together at Greenwood Memorial Park in San Diego, California.

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#1 [url]

Jul 6 11 8:59 PM

Linda Kolkena was not a paralegal! She was hired as a receptionist and kept that title until she started screwing around with her boss. I read here all the horrible things Betty had done to Dan and Linda. What about the horrible things Dan and Linda did to Betty? Betty obviously should NOT have murdered her philandering husband and his little plaything but Dan and Linda weren't the only victims in this story. Also, I heard that Dan and Linda are not buried in the same grave-that Linda's remains were removed and moved to a private location by her family.  Has anyone heard this story?

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#2 [url]

Jul 7 11 1:47 PM

You are probably a crazy, bitter woman just like Betty Broderick. He left her because she was an insane person that even her own children could not take it. Dan deserved some happiness from living in hell with Betty.

Quote    Reply   

#4 [url]

Jul 8 11 11:29 AM

I didn't expect to be attacked personally because of a coment I have about the Broderick case! You can disagree with me without being insulting. I am not a crazy, bitter woman like Betty. I just feel I have a right to express my opinion about the other side of this case, that being Dan and Linda, and they were no angels. Also I did NOT condone Betty's murderous rage so why am I being attacked for my own opinion?

P.S. Does anyone know whether or not Dan and Linda are buried together? I've heard they were not-that Linda's family buried her remains elsewhere even though Linda's name remained on the headstone.

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#6 [url]

Jul 11 11 5:22 AM

i agree with the guest poster who cares where linda is buried the sad thing is she had to be buried atall betty broderick is a crazy woman who only cares about possesions and her standing in the community its the kids i feel sorry for people are forgetting she got a £650000 house 3 cars and a load of money people fall out of love ashame but it happens get over it.

Quote    Reply   

#7 [url]

Jul 11 11 12:45 PM

Who the heck are you, 'guest poster'? Don't have the balls to show your real name? I'm, just asking a question (about Linda's burial site)out of simple curiosity. If you can't deal with it, WHY are you even on a murder and crime forum, anyway? Take your fake moralistic self and get a life. You are the one who is pathetic-posting 2 different emails and posing as 2 different people? My god, I agree with you that Linda should not have been buried at all-I just asked a question! You are the one who is a pathetic jerk. How about being honest and posting your real name???

Quote    Reply   

#9 [url]

Jul 12 11 12:12 AM

How does one feel when all your life you dedicated yourself to your family, put your husband first to medical school then to law school, bore him four children and after all the success, screw you with a younger bitch-looking bimbo? how do you feel? there is no victim in this affair. The husband cannot be justified for cheating her wife and she for killing her ex-husband. She was cheated over the settlement of divorce and separation of property and guess what? HELL HAS NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED!

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#10 [url]

Jul 12 11 7:31 PM

Linda Kolkena was a sleazy slut who was known around her office as “Linda Vagina” because that’s the way she got her job. She was hated by just about everyone and was also known to have very poor personal hygiene. She ended up marrying for money like the greedy tramp she was and later both Linda and Dan Broderick (that psychopathic alcoholic lawyer) were both shot in bed by Betty Broderick, the scorned ex-wife. While murder isn’t the right thing to do I understand why Betty shot them both. They tortured her mercilessly for years. Kolkena was just a slut, but I believe Dan Broderick was truly evil. Read a few of the biographies out there and you’ll wonder why Betty didn’t kill him sooner.

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#11 [url]

Jul 12 11 8:37 PM

I didn't expect to be attacked personally because of a coment I have about the Broderick case! You can disagree with me without being insulting. I am not a crazy, bitter woman like Betty. I just feel I have a right to express my opinion about the other side of this case, that being Dan and Linda, and they were no angels. Also I did NOT condone Betty's murderous rage so why am I being attacked for my own opinion?

P.S. Does anyone know whether or not Dan and Linda are buried together? I've heard they were not-that Linda's family buried her remains elsewhere even though Linda's name remained on the headstone.


Debbie, I don't recall hearing anything like that about the burial. I have no idea if Linda's
family buried her elsewhere.

I agree, you have a right to express your opinion about this case or any other.

I prefer that members and guests discuss without insulting name calling. There are high
emotions regarding opinions on both sides, but those opinions can be discussed in a
civil manner.

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#12 [url]

Jul 15 11 3:10 AM

i wonder if all ADULTERERS should be shot of stoned as what the old testament had done... perhaps not a lot of men and young women would play around someone's life to go crazy ..they will think 2x before messing around...

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#15 [url]

Jul 15 11 3:18 AM

dan and linda made betty crazy and successfully done it... but crazy men made person also have limits.. and that limits is paid by those 2 who made her crazy.. yeah.. they dont deserve to stay on this earth to make more people crazy..well deserving!

Quote    Reply   

#16 [url]

Jul 15 11 5:21 AM

I'm aware that Betty Broderick has become a martyr of sorts for women who gets dumped for a younger and prettier girl by a selfish and controlling alpha-man. She did in real life what many scorned middle age women are doing over and over in their dreams.

But I don't know how well that actually fits in this case Guest_guest. It seems to me that Betty has serious mental issues that has little to do with Dan or his actions, even though he became the focus for her anger. As somebody who lived with a clinically psychotic woman for over a decade I can testify to the fact that it's a very hard and lonely existence for the "normal" spouse. Linda must have seemed like a breath of fresh air to Dan and a second chance for happiness. No wonder he grabbed it. I feel sorry for Betty but I don't believe that she was "made" crazy...

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#18 [url]

Jul 17 11 3:36 AM

This wasn't about all-consuming love Guest_guest. If I may quote the following Betty-statement from Patsy's article :

"All my life I tried so hard to be a good daughter, a good wife, a good neighbor. . . . My husband unzips his fly and screws the bimbo, and I lose all that".

Not that I can't see where she's coming from. Every day Betty Broderick's all over the country gets dumped when their husbands hook up with a Linda Kolkena - always younger, always prettier and with an instinctive knowledge that the real way to a mans heart isn't about taking care of house and home or taking care of the family but about taking care of the man. Often it's a secretary or an assistant with whom the man spends more hours every day than with his wife and who has at least some knowledge about and interest in his work and thus can talk to him about something he is actually interested in rather than the upcoming sale at Sachs and the dinner with the Gilchrists on saturday...

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#20 [url]

Jul 17 11 9:32 PM

If Dan would have divided the marital property equally 50/50 instead of being so anal retentive maybe Betty would have been happier. Read about the case. Every time Betty got really pissed it was when Dan tried to control the finances. After all, Betty DID put his ass through school and stood by him during his early lawyer days. Too bad Linda Kolkena was too stupid and naive to fall for a Dan Broderick.

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