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Feb 10 09 9:53 PM

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This is the book Liysa Northon got so upset about that she sued Ann Rule.
Out of curiosity (utilizing the book of course - not Northon's current website) I made up a list of the lies Liysa Northon had told various husbands and people. It was a long list. It's likely nowhere near the amount of lies the prolific, pathological liar has spun throughout her life.

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Jan 1 10 8:16 AM

I just finished the book.  I believe Liysa was guilty of murder.  According to the book, she gets out of prison in April 2013.  I hope her boys have by that time learned the entire truth of their mother.  She may truly love them, but I believe that love could change if they don't meet her needs.  My heart goes out the family and friends of Lisya's who have been duped by her and to Chris's family and friends for the heartache and emptiness they must still feel.  Losing a loved one in such a horrific way must be stressful on a daily basis - especially at this time of year. 


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Jan 7 10 1:46 PM

I read the book awhile back and I am glad that her youngest son went to live with the exhusband, who was the father of her oldest child. At least the youngest son Bjorn (?) whose real name was Drake (?) (Sorry it's been awhile since I read the book to remember if Bjorn was the child's name), finally had a chance at a normal live with his older brother's father and stepmother.

I hope when she does get out of prison, that her sons have NOTHING to do with her. This is one of the saddest stories I had ever read about.

My heart goes out to Chris' family and friend who miss him. R.I.P Chris.


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Jul 3 12 12:46 PM

I feel so sad for those boys, one day they will have to question things and sort out her lies if that is even possible...My heart also goes out to Chris's family, he was a good person and am sure he is missed still by all his friends and family... I am a bit confused as to her sentence though because obviously this was preplanned for quite awhile, I am sure she had it all scripted out in her own demented head, every bit of it! 

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Jul 4 12 6:50 AM

Hi, Well using the book as a source as we know by now is an issue.....and a monumental understatement. I think it is irresponsible and perplexing given the many proven facts that the above material is being written now. By now we know the desperate and illegal efforts made by MS. Rule to influence, distract and corrupt the truth from further damaging her already questionable reputation. This is all going to make for a great book if done by someone reputable and there are many great true crime writers out there whom Rule has embarrassed with her cunning corruption.......because MS Rule there is NO EXIT from the truth!

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