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Feb 10 09 9:34 PM

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Sharon's poignant, from the heart telling of Laci's story provided insights into Laci's character and answered questions that I had while following the news reports. It was interesting to find that Sharon had shared a lot of the questions many of us (on message boards) had during the investigation. Sharon also corrected several things that were misreported.
For those who might say Sharon Rocha is another in a line of those who wrote a book about Laci's death and the trial of her husband to cash in. You're wrong. Proceeds go to a fund established for search and rescue. No one else could tell about Laci's life, and her death as her own mother could. No one else could provide the insight into how Sharon Rocha felt throughout this horrible tragedy, than Sharon herself.

For Laci is at times a roller coaster of emotion, at others the telling of plain fact, and yes, laughter amid the sorrow.

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