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Feb 9 09 7:26 PM

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KTBS-TV had a problem with a cyberstalker. Despite banning and blocking the stalker's IP, threats
and offensive posts continued.

Russell Davenport (Keithville, Louisiana) was arrested on 8 counts of cyberstalking and bond set at $400,000. Police seized 4 computers from his home when he was busted.

He had posted more than 800 threatening and offensive messages on the KTBS-TV website. Each time his IP was blocked he created new IP's in order to continue posting.

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Mar 20 09 3:14 PM

It's a real shame that troublemakers with computer skills don't use that "knowledge" to help others, instead of hurting them. Other than having major issues, this person had way too much free time on his hands.

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Jan 18 10 2:49 PM

He certainly had a bee in his bonnet against the tv station employees.


Hi, Patsy! ~ I'm so pleased to hear that they caught this nut. People like him have some very serious mental problems, & should be removed from society. It's fortunate that they had very good investigators on this case.

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Mar 15 13 4:49 AM

I have read your post of "CYBERSTALKER BUSTED".Really it is a shameful thing been done,and being with such cleverness will definitely effect his life pathetically.Though each time his IP was blocked he created new IP's in order to continue posting.He will be no guaranteed of being successful in his life. Here, i say that you want a woman who can bring a little more to the bedroom than drunken coordination and terrible morning makeup. You want a woman like Mature Escort..

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