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2009 - April 1 - Christian Grotheer's insanity plea is rejected. He is convicted for the murders of 2 women.
SENTENCE: Jailed for life.
2009 -January 15 -  "Christian Grotheer,  a prolific Internet chat room participant going by the names riddick300 and rosenboy0207 is accused of pre-meditated murder of two women he met through chatrooms. He has confessed to the killings but blames it on the victims.
 He also provides various details in the different versions of events occurring during both murders.

He resents being called a "serial killer" by the press and wants it "stressed to the court that "except for these two, all the other 98 are still alive and was therefore not a serial killer."
Grotheer has been dubbed "Germany's First Internet Murderer." He would try and charm prospective partners with love poems and photos. 
Christian is obsessed with finding out what is being written about him on the Internet and in the chatrooms.
This nutjob requested a computer and Internet connection in his jail cell. That request was DENIED.
JESSICA K. - Christan Grotheer is charged with the murder of "Jessica K" who went by "babylove", June 5, 2008 which took place in the northern town of Stade, Germany in a park there. He claims he had met Jessica K. for outdoor sex and that her death was an accident.
One story Grotheer has given about Jessica's death "They were engaging in a heated argument when he had "grabbed her neck tightly one time" and she had then collapsed onto the ground. He claims traces of her blood (found on the soles of his shoes) got there because Jessica had a nosebleed while they were walking.
Another is that "He had only " touched her on the throat " when to his horror she suddenly dropped dead."
Cause of death is undetermined - her body was found partially decomposed two weeks later.

REGINA B. - Christan Grotheer, 27, from Hamburg, Germany is accused of killing "Regina B. just 12 days after the first murder. She was stabbed 26 times with a bread knife.
One story Christian G. claims is that Regina B. (a mother of three), had threatened to accuse him of  rape after he refused to lend her money and enter into a firm relationship. He claims he confronted her as she was walking her dog and she had responded by shouting at him  "What do you want, you rapist?"

Another is that Christian G said he had killed his second victim, Regina B, after he had had sex with her and she had demanded he pay her €500. He said that, when he refused, the two had taken Regina B's dachshund for a walk and she then called him a rapist and threatened to bring rape charges against him. 
Spiegle Online reports that after they had sex at her flat (apartment) she cooked a meal for them both, they then went for a walk with the dog. Grotheer followed her, armed with a kitchen knife, knocked her over by a field and stabbed her 12 times int he back and 14 times in the chest.
Regina's body was found the next day.
Christian G. has stated that "those words caused a flashback to my traumatic childhood. "Conditions in my family were more than disastrous. My father was an incredibly brutal person. I once saw my father
rape  my mother. I can still remember my mother's cries for help."  When she called him rapist, it was so traumatic it made him recall seeing his father rape his mother (when he was six years old) and then he "saw the eyes of Jesus and stabbed the woman."
He blames his victim: "Fear and anger had driven me to kill. I can't remember details. I felt remote controlled. I can only say that if Regina hadn't called me a rapist, she would definitely be alive today."
Christian G. did have a history of being taken into care by the child protective services a number of times during his childhood because of his father's behavior. Later Christian G. abused drugs and now claims Internet chatting "helped him recover from his addiction." 

Christian G.'s attorney read out a statement for him:  " I have personally met over 150 women after getting to know them through the Internet. They're all still alive."  "I have spent my life "almost exclusively in chat rooms" for several years.

"Over the years I established at least 300 contacts via such networking sites. I met at least 100, if not 150 women, in person. I had sexual relations with many of them."

"From my point of view the Internet was the ideal way to meet people because you get talking to people very quickly and almost all visitors, male and female, are looking for sexual contact." Using the sites knuddles.de and lycos.de "It was extremely important to me that I had a good reputation in the chat room."
"I spent whole nights in these chat rooms and I saw them as my family."