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Feb 2 09 3:41 PM

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Gary Ridgeway said of his victims "They were prostitutes and I wanted to kill them."
"I felt I had killed a worthless piece of trash."
"They were someone to have sex with, kill and take the money back."
Ridgeway was asked how do you rate yourself in terms of other serial killers.
His response "I rate myself as public enemy number 1."

Ridgeway, as a teenager, stabbed a boy in the side. His reason - "I just wanted to see what it felt like to kill someone."
He put rocks in some of the bodies -- his reason - "to prevent anyone else from having sex
with the bodies. To claim them as "his."

Gary Ridgeway used his young son as a decoy to get one of his victims. He drove into an isolated area and killed her. When his son asked "Where's the girl?"  Ridgeway told him "Oh, she walked home, she lives near here."

Ridgeway admitted to investigators that "if his son had seen anything, he would have killed him."

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Jan 22 11 9:46 PM

                                  A VICTIM FOUND
Seattle, Washington
2010 - December 23 -  Rebecca "Becky" Marrero has at last been found.
                                  Her skull was discovered by children playing in a ravine
                                  in Auburn, Washington, in the same area where Marie
                                  Malvar's remains were found in September of 2003.

                                  King County Sheriff's office has confirmed that dental
                                  records of Rebecca Marrero match the remains found.

1982 - December 3 - Rebecca Marrero left a motel on Pacific Highway South
                                in Seattle, Washington. It was the last time the 20 year
                                old mother was seen alive.

Rebecca Marrero was believed to be one of Gary Ridgeway's (Green River serial
killer) earlier victims. He was not charged with her murder due to her body not being
found, his inability to provide investigators with enough information to prove that he
had murdered her.
King County Prosecutor's Office
"With the discovery of Ms. Marrero's remains detectives and prosecutors will now
review the investigation into her disappearance and death," the office said in a
written statement. "Investigators will examine all aspects of the case including
any potential involvement of Ridgway."

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Feb 7 11 10:45 PM


"Prosecutors Monday charged Gary Ridgway, the confessed "Green River Killer,"
with a 49th slaying -- that of a 20-year-old mother more than 28 years ago.

King County, Washington, Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg said authorities filed
an aggravated murder charge against Ridgway related to the slaying of Becky Marrero,
whose remains were uncovered last December by teens exploring a steep ravine near
 the town of Auburn. The count is the first filed against Ridgway since he admitted to
serial killings in 2003.

"The Marreros have the right to face the man who killed Becky and the opportunity
to remind us all about what was taken from them," Satterberg said. "They finally
have the answers, and with these charges and the anticipated guilty plea, they will
have obtained the truth, accountability and ... a degree of justice."

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Feb 21 11 5:40 PM

Mary Marrero (Mary spoke about her sister Becky, and about the effect
Becky's disappearance had Becky's daughter, and on herself).

"The day she came up missing, I wanted to kill myself. It's been a long 29 years
wondering every day what happened."

"My family was finally able to put Becky to rest on Feb. 5, after her remains were
found in December 2010."
"I don't believe Ridgway has ever told all he knows about the locations of his
remaining victims. The killer is keeping them as "trophies. He should be put
to death. He knows where all his victims are and where to find them. … It
makes me sick to my stomach that he beat the system."
What does it take to get the death penalty in Washington? I don't agree with
the plea deal to spare his pathetic life. He's worthless and he's not going to
give any more up. He is a waste of society and a waste of space.
 If I had one more thing to tell you today, it would be "kill him. Kill him. 
He beat the system just like he beat his victims. …
"I hate your guts Gary Ridgway. Your day is coming soon."

Gary Ridgeway read a statement to the court, in part which read
"I killed so many women, I have a hard time keeping them straight."

He attempted an apology to the Marerro family but was subdued by
a man yelling at him "Shut your mouth! Shut your (expletive) mouth!"


Judge Mary Roberts
"I am usually a judge of few words, but I have a few for Ridgeway.
I find myself unable to hold out any hope for Ridgway's humanity.
I can find no compassion. Instead, my heart is completely filled
with sympathy for the family of Rebecca Marrero, and despair
that a person is capable of such a crime."

Dan Satterberg (King County Prosecutor) 
"The plea deal was aimed at the families of dozens of women thought to have
been killed by Ridgway, but which had little evidence.
"It wasn't about what Gary Ridgway deserved. He deserved no mercy. He deserved
the death penalty.
"In the end it was about what the families deserved. We knew that the single-minded
pursuit of the death penalty would come at a great cost, the cost of the truth of the
disappearance of dozens of known victims, disappearances that continued to haunt
their families."

Ridgeway is a suspect in dozens of other disappearances yet to be solved.

In 2003, then prosecutor Norm Maleng approved of a plea agreement 
reached with the serial killer.  Gary Ridgeway would be spared the Death
Penalty if he plead GUILTY to any future cases in which his confession
is backed up by evidence.

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