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Jan 31 09 7:17 PM

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Lori Soares (Hacking) with her beloved Herbie

 Herbie, a yellow Maine Coon cat with emerald green eyes is in his usual spot for sleeping. He awakes to see "Mark" coming into the room. Sleepily he waits for "Mark" to follow the usual routine, and climb into bed beside his owner "Lori," who is sleeping. Suddenly he has a sense that something isn't right. He knows it's danger there. Alert now, he lifts his head and waits. He watches as "Mark" raises something in the air. 

Herbie becomes the sole witness to murder.
Mark Hacking turned off the nintendo game, picks up the .22 caliber gun and walks quietly into the room, and without hesitation puts it very close to his sleeping wife's head. And he pulls the trigger.


Or, at least, that's what Mark claims happened.  Howver, by his own admission, he and Lori were arguing about his long web of lies that she'd uncovered. Police discovered a piece of bloody carpeting, a stained pillow case, bloody mattress, blood on the headboard and handrail, and inside the vehicle. They found a bloody hunting knife in a drawer. The .22 caliber gun was never found.

 Police state that Mark Hacking lied to his family, friends, and others for over tewo years. He also lied to them during the investigation. So it's not a stretch to imagine that he may have been lying about the method by which he murdered Lori.
Det. Dwayne Baird (Salt Lake City Police Dept.) "Well, we think that what he tells us may not be the complete truth, honestly, because he hasn't told the truth in what appears to be several years."
 It is late on JULY 18, 2004.
The sounds and smells scare Herbie and he jumps and yowls and bolts for the closet. Scrabbling franctically with his paws he launches himself through the dark hole and squeezes past the wooden floor, leaving fur behind on the edges of the hole. He huddles, frightened and bewildered, under the sub-flooring.
Herbie cowers as far back as he can get in the darkness, shivering and shaking with fright. He hears thumps and other sounds and later the man's footsteps going in and out the door, and then the door closing. After awhile he comes back. Even when "Mark" calls to him, Herbie refuses to come out of hiding. He doesn't even make a sound out of fear. He quivers as long as he hears "him" inside the apartment. Later in the morning he hears "him" leave again and the apartment is quiet. 
Herbie hears the sound of several sets of footsteps of people in his home and once again he presses himself as far back as he can in the darkness. The people are there for a long time and he hears things being moved. He's hungry and thirsty, but he's not about to go out there.
Herbie hears someone call his name and the sounds of his water and food bowls being put down. Then the door closes and it is quiet again. Thirst and hunger get the best of him and he climbs up through the hole in the floor and creeps out into the room. He lifts his head and sniffs and listens. There's no one there, so he pads to his bowls and then to his litter box. Once he's finished he bolts back to his hide out and goes to sleep. For a few days this becomes his routine. Even though he's called by voices he recognizes, he refuses to leave his snug hideout. He's still afraid.
Herbie hears the familar voices calling him again. Then he can see someone peering through the hole and a hand come down trying to coax him out. He scrunches back farther so they can't reach him. He hears them leave and then come back, then leave again. He can smell his food nearby and his tummy rumbles. He decides to investigate and scrambles out of the hole, only to find himself in a cage with no way back into the hole! He turns his attention to his bowl and eats. Then settles down to wait and to sleep. In the morning they come to retrieve him.
Herbie lets them know how unhappy he is. He yowls and cries and tells them what he's seen and how frightened he had been. He lets them know how much he loves and misses "Lori." But of course, they can only guess at what he's seen. They can understand the rest of what he has to say and try to comfort him. For they too, love and miss Lori. Herbie now knows he's not alone in missing Lori.
He's settled into his new home now, but he'll never forget her.

Thelma Soares
 Thelma Soares "Lori always loved yellow cats, and mark gave Herbie to her for her birthday soon after their marriage. Herbie is a big, beautiful Maine Coon cat with emerald green eyes who captured Lori's heart. They trained him well, and he never jumped onto their furniture but loved playing hide and seek, especially with Mark."
"He was definitely their spoiled baby, and they both loved him. I had agreed to take care of Herbie for a few days prior to Lori's flying with him to North Carolina. In fact, Lori's final e-mail message to me concerned her bringing Herbie down to my home on Wednesday evening, July 21, after work."
"David and Debra Gehris and I stopped by Lori's apartment the evening she disappeared (July 19) because we were concerned that Herbie might need food and water A police officer was stationed at the door, and we were not allowed to enter the apartment; but he promised he would leave food and water when his shift ended and would ask the officer replacing him to do the same. We thanked him and left. None of them had seen Herbie that day as they searched the apartment, but the next day they reported that the food was gone, so we knew Herbie was there somewhere."
"Within a few days the police finished with the apartment, and all the boxes and furniture were moved into storage. Still no one had seen Herbie. Debra Gehris and marks' brother, Scott, returned to search in all the cupboards and drawers for Herbie, but he was not to be found. Finally, they went into a closet and found a dark hole in the far corner leading into the sub-flooring with tell-tale fur around it. They called and coaxed, but Herbie would not come out, so Debra went to the local animal shelter where they gave her a special trap cage to try. She put Herbie's food in it and left it near the hole that night. The next morning, Herbie was in the cage! How happy and relieved we all were!
Because he had been so traumatized by the sounds and smells of Lori's death and the invasion of his space by the police immediately following and then by the movers, he literally howled for five nights."
"The Gehrises had just lost their long-time cat whom they loved and cared for many years, so they agreed to take Herbie into their home. The gehrises, however (sleep-deprived as they were), continued to work with him each day, loving him, and doing all they could to help him adjust to his new life and surroundings. Gradually he stopped howling and began to respond. Due to their constant love and attention, today Herbie reigns supreme in the Gehris household, well-adjusted, well-fed, and content with all his toys and window seats. I can visit him whenver I wish, and I like to think that Lori is looking after their cat Zydra (Dutch name) in heaven."

Brian Hamilton (Co-worker & friend of Mark's) "He (Mark) had stopped attending classes at the University of Utah three years ago, and Lori, and Mark's family, found out. His mother called their house and left a message asking why he wasn't enrolled in school, 'cause she had attempted to pay the tuition and it wasn't -- he wasn't in the - enrolled. Lori heard the voice mail first, and when Hacking came home, she confronted him. He took off in his car and when Lori couldn't find him, she calle dus. She was just crying on the phone. Lori later found out Mark was at a hotel an hour away. We didn't really think anything of it becuase the next day, Jennifer talked to Lori and she said "Oh, yeah. Well, we went and we reconciled things and made up. And the way that it kind of played out was that he had made a mistake or he had forgotten to register. I think that's how it went. We thought he went back to school."  
          2004 - JUNE- At a family gathering in Salt Lake City, Mark shows off a new stethoscope that he says he will be using when he starts medical school in the fall.
          Stephanie Hacking (Mark's sister in law) "He said he was excited to have his name etched on the back." Weeks later Mark is sorting through college texts with another family member. Mark describes "how much he loves one of the classes he had taken - abnormal pscyhology."
           2004 -JULY 15 - THURSDAY -  Lori shows a positive at-home pregnancy test to Mark's sister (who lives in same apt. complex). She's overjoyed at the thought of having a baby. 
          Lori has already spoken to her mother and sends her an email about caring for Herbie while the movers are there. She doesn't want him upset. Mark has been accepted to the University of North Carolina for medical school and they will be moving in a matter of days to North Carolina.
         Lori emails the Hamiltons (Brian & Jennifer). (Brian and Mark worked together in the children's psychiatric unit of a Salt Lake City hospital.)
            2004 - JULY 16 - FRIDAY - Lori Hacking calls the University of North Carolina to check on student housing. Her phone rings in her office at Wells Fargo Securities Services where she works as an assistant trading broker. She answers and listens to the administrator on the other end. There must be some mistake - but there isn't. There is no application or registration by a Mark Hacking to their University and is not enrolled there.
Lori hangs up the phone and is clearly stunned. She begins sobbing and leaves work early.
            2004 - JULY 18 - 6:00 - 9:00 P.M. SUNDAY - Lori Hacking is last seen by friends. A clerk at a convenience store near the Hacking's apartment states that Mark and Lori came into the store between 6 and 9 p.m. Video surveillance tapes back up his statement. While Mark made a purchase, Lori browsed the free samples and selects one.
                      JULY 19 - 1:00 A.M. -Mark Hacking returns to the convenience store. After making a purchase of a pack of cigarettes, he leaves in Lori's vehicle.
Has he already committed murder, or is he about to?


             Mark Hacking calls Lori's office and speaks to a co-worker. He asks "by the way, how is Lori? The person he is speaking to tells him "She hasn't made it into work yet. " Mark tells the co-worker that Lori went for a morning jog, but hasn't returned. They advise him to notify police.
              Mark telephones police and is told that it takes 24 hours before a missing persons report can be generated. 
               Both their families and friends begin initiating a search for Lori. They fear she's been abducted.
                           9: 45 A.M. - Mark tells family and Lori's co-workers that he's in the park and has found Lori's car. Local store owners would later report to Police that ark Hacking was in their store purchasing a new mattress at this time. Mark tells them he's in the park looking for Lori.  Police investigators obtain a receipt which reflects Mark was purchasing a mattress 20 minutes after his first call to police. 

                        10:49 A.M.- Mark Hacking calls 911 to report Lori missing. He tells them that Lori left home early for her usual job in the Memory Grove and City Creek Canyon area (northeast of downtown Salt Lake). Since he works the night shift at the psychiatric hospital, he would sleep in and Lori would normally arrive home at between 6:30 and 7:00  to shower and wake him up to drive her to work. But she hasn't returned home or arrived at work. He tells them he's discovered her car at the park.  


            Media Press Conferences: Mark Hacking pleads for Lori's safe return. "My name is Mark Hacking. And I have so much gratitude today for the friends, the family, the officers, the search and rescue people. Everybody. It's just been the worst day of my life; it's good to feel some comfort from the community"

Police process Lori's vehicle and recover (blood) evidence. A homicide investigation begins although they tell the public and family it is a missing persons case with suspicious circumstances.
                  JULY 20 - MONDAY - Mark Hacking is interviewed by police. "Yellow tape marks "Do Not Enter" and blocks the doorway of the Hacking's apartment. The Investigators are extremely suspicious of Mark Hacking and they're conducting an active homicide case behind the scenes.
               TV crews capture video/photos of police removing paper bags, boxes and a box spring from the residence. Police have also impounded a large trash bin.
                 In the spare bedroom of the apartment, Investigators find a letter addressed to "Mark." It states "I can't imagine life with you if things don't change. I got someone I don't know I want to spend the rest of my life with unless changes are made."
              Detectives learn Mark Hacking has been using two cells phones on the day Lori disappeared. The second phone they believe, is Lori's.
            Police recover a mattress from a trash bin located by a church near the Hacking apt. It matches the serial numbers on the box spring from inside the apt.
            Digital camera records of surveillance tapes from the University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute where Hacking worked show an "object" was dumped there. Detectives remove items from his work locker.
           From the apartment they remove a hunting knife, a piece of blood stained carpet, a personal computer, a blood stained pillow retrieved from a trash bin outside the apartment. They also investigate Hacking's use of the hospital's computer network.
          Hours after Mark Hacking makes his emotional tv pleas, his family admits him to the psychiatric ward. He was found running around nude, at night, outside a motel where he'd taken a room. While in the hospital, Mark engages a locally prominent defense attorney, D. Gilbert Athay. 
         Candice DeLong (Former FBI Criminal Profiler) "He kept his shoes on- his sandals - that's not generally something we see in someone truly psychotic. When asked if she thinks Mark was faking his condition to set up a defense she replies "I think there's a very good chance he thought that might work."
           2004 - JULY 21- TUESDAY - 1,200 people volunteer to help search for Lori.
                     JULY 22 - WEDNESDAY- 150 volunteers take fliers door to door and post them in public areas.

Thelma Soares with Lori's photo

                   Police meet with the families and inform them of Mark's web of lies that Lori had already learned pertaining to graduating, registering and attending universities. They inform them the media has discovered this and will be broadcasting the information.
                 News Media broadcasts are full of the information of what they've learned. Mark Hacking lied not only about graduating from the University of Utah, but he has lied about being accepted to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill medical school.


             Douglas Hacking (Mark's father) "We were under the impression that Mark had been accepted to medical school and just found out a few minutes ago he he never even applied to medical school at North Carolina."  

             Paul Soares (Lori's brother) "I remember for the last two-plus years, the extensive preparations for medical school. In fact, Mark went so far as to fly to Manhattan, and pretend to interview for medical school, while staying with his cousin. He got up in the morning, put his suit on--like the day before, she drove him by where Columbia was, so he'd know where it's at. And -left - went to do his interview and came back a few hours later and talked about the interview and how it was."
"It's been described as surreal and that's really how we feel. A situation that you just can't believe is happening. It does come as a shock to me because we did know Mark for so long. But, at the same token, you just don't know what someone's capable of."
          Thelma Soares "When police first told me of Mark's lies, I regarded them as "ludicrious." That was probably the biggest shock I have ever received in my life. W ehad lived that lie with him for so long (10 years).  Mark treated Lori "like she was something precious to him." Everybody that knew the two of them would say that they adored each other. They were in love. There was no question in our minds or in my mind, especially. I have thought back, tired to think of things that she might have said that would have been a warning. There was nothing."

               A day after police meet with Lori's family, Thelma Soares visits Mark in the hospital psych ward. 
              Thelma Soares "Mark was standing with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders when I enetered the room. I hugged him and said "Marky, didn't you know my love was not conditional on your becoming a doctor? It was because of you, Mark, and how you treated Lori. 
           And he kind of sobbed....and he looked me straight in the eye and said "I promise, I promise I had nothing to do with it."  I desperately wanted to believe him. But I didn't. I had this uneasy feeling. I did desperately want to, because I love him...but I just knew he wasn't telling the truth."
Thelma Soares "The best news I could get is that (Mark) has a brain tumor or brain inury or something that would him do this. I'm just really speechless; I have no way to explain it. Unless he's this evil guy... He was helpful. A generous spirit. He seemed to care about people. He came and put all of my Christmas lights up every year. This is the Mark that I know, not this Mark who killed her and did this horrible thing. He was a polite boy from a good family
 who once wrote me a note that read; "If I didn't have my own mother, I'd choose you to be my mother." "Maybe he was schmoozing because he wanted Lori. But maybe not." "Mark was the more demonstrative of the two, but the couple was affectionate. It wasn't perfect, you know, and maybe sometimes she would be the one to raise her voice, but she loved him. If ever there was anything that I would wonder about Mark, she would defend him."
If Lori had ever learned about Mark's well -known deceptions or failures like his LDS mission that was cut short, or the lies about his college graduation and medical school acceptance, she never let on. Lori would have been devastated by such lies. "I don't think Lori ever told a lie in her life. This elaborate web of lies, that takes a lot of thinking to do that. It wasn't that he lacked the intellect, he was always very smart. I wonder if Mark's actions might be tarced to a fall he took from a roof about eight years ago while working a construction job. Mark, apparently hit his head on a cement floor during the fall. As I sit here trying to make some semblance of sense of this, it's the only thing I could come up with. It's hard for me to believe that he's this evil because the Mark I know is just the opposite of that. All of my interaction and experience with him says it's not so. He's this sweet, gentle, quiet, funny guy."
              Lance Hacking and his brother Scott Hacking visit Mark at the hospital and encourage him to tell the truth. They give him the afternoon to think about it. Mark confesses to them that "he'd killed Lori." Lance and Scott go to the police. Lance Hacking "He (Mark) understood that we acted out of choosing what we felt was the right thing to do. He understands that we felt our actions were also guided towards helping him heal."
             The family issues a statement Saturday saying "information Mark Hacking has provided made volunteer searches for Lori Hacking unnecessary, and he has indicated that further search efforts should be concentrated at the landfill."

                 AUGUST 2 - MONDAY- Police state "it was unlikely that Lori ever made it to the park." Police arrest Mark Hacking just as he's ready to be released from the psychiatric hospital.

Mark Douglas Hacking's mugshot
          "The evidence gathered strongly indicated Lori was the victim of a homicide and that Mark Hacking is the individual responsible. Among that evidence was the murder weapon. We do believe we do know what that instrument was, but we're not going to disdcuss it. Detectives have identified a motive."
               AUGUST 9 - A first -degree murder charge is filed against Mark Hacking. According to a probable cause statement "Hacking confessed to his brothers that he shot Lori in the head with a .22 caliber rifle and put her body in a trash bin. A search of a local landfill has yet to recover her body. Hacking told his brothers that he and his wife had been arguing the night of July 18 when he revealed to her that he had lied about his education and future plans. Lori Hacking later went to bed, and Mark Hacking stayed up to play Nintendo. As he continued packing for the couple's planne dmove to the medical school at North Carolina, he came across a .22 caliber rifle, walked into the couple's bedroom and shot his wife while she slept, and dumped her body in a trash bin."
JUSTIFIABLE ANGER: Thelma Soares "I do want justice. I am angry at what he did to her, and that he left her to rot in this terrible place. And you know, there are moments when I just want to tear his heart out with my bare hands, but what good would it do? I don't want to be the person that sends him to the death chamber. I do want justice. He needs to pay for what he did to Lori. If that means a life sentence, that's fine with me."


                  2004 - OCTOBER 1 - After 33 days of searching in the landfill, Lori's remains are discovered. The Medical Examiner's Office used dental records to identiy Lori's remains about 6 hours after she was found. Lori Hacking had told her sister in law and friends that she was give weeks pregnant, but police say she had not confirmed the home pregnancy test by visiting a doctor. The condition of Lori's body was such that it could not be confirmed that she had been pregnant. 
               Eraldo & Thelma Soares "It means everything to us to find Lori's mortal remains so that we might lay them to rest with dignity."


Police who searched the landfill for Lori pay their respcts.    Lori Soares (Hacking)
               OCTOBER 29 - Mark Hacking pleads "Not Guilty."
               Mark hacking writes to a friend. He's been following the Scott Peterson trial. "Apparently peterson had an affair and this played a big part in his trial. Many people like to compare his case and mine. The peterson case will not affect what will happen with me - at least not in the courtroom. I am sure it has and will affect public sentiment."
COURT HEARING - 2005 APRIL 15 - Mark Hacking pleads Guilty to first-degree felony murder. The Judge has him state his crime for the record.
Mark Hacking "I intentionally shot Lori Hacking in the head with a .22 rifle on July 19."
        Thelma Soares "Never in my wildest nightmares I thought I'd hear her hsuband say he intentionally shot her like he did today. I personally did not want to go through a trial. A lot of questions have never been addressed I need to ask mark about. I have way more questions than any of you (media) do. The top question on my list is "Why?" I want to know why he did this. He will have to tell me that. I need to know the answers to a lot of questions."
            Eraldo Soares (Lori's father)"Hearing Hacking admit that he killed my daughter was "like a knife going right through my heart." I look forward to sentencing. I will leave sentencing in the hands of the justice system. I pray each night that the jude would do the right thing. I don't feel sorry for him (Mark). Eraldo was asked what he would like the sentence to be in a "perfect world." "I don't think I'd like to see Mark at all in a perfect world."

 Eraldo Soares
              "I can't believe a person would do that to my daughter. It broke my heart. This is the worst thing to happen in my life. Out of this, I have learned a great deal. I'm not alone in this world. That thousands of people hwo care for me, and for that, I'm so thankful to them. What I do now is just go through pictures. I loved her and I know she loved me and she's going to be with me forever." 
              Paul Soares (Lori's brother) "Seeing Hacking in court Friday was "horrible." It's not fair one person can impact so many lives. Lori's murder doesn't make any sense. "Why? Why did this have to happen?"  "I had real pride and joy when I said she was my sister. And to know She's expecting a child. She would have been a wonderful mom. And it's sad that she'll never have that opportunity."
               Just before sentencing on JUNE 6, 2005 - Mark Hacking writes to Lori's family and tells the Soares that "he did know Lori was pregnant." He says "he had kept the fact that he was aware of her condition secret, until "after" his guilty plea in order to escape the fetal homicide law."
        The family submits the letter to the Salt Lake District Attorney's office. It was reviewed and a conclusion made that the letter was not sufficient evidence to bring additional charges against him. "From a legal standpoint it adds nothing to the charges. Not only was it produced after the guilty plea, but it would not be sufficient evidence to base another murder charges or a capital murder charge. The burden is on the state to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a second person was killed. We would base such charges only upon medical evidence, either before she was murdered, or evidence from the autopsy. Neither existed. Evidence of Mark's belief that he killed his unborn child is not sufficient evidence that he actually had an unborn child that was killed."
 2005 - JUNE 6 - SENTENCING:

                  MARK'S STATEMENT: Douglas Hacking (Mark's father) reads a statement to the press which clarifies several events leading up to Mark's confession and conviction. In it he reads a statement from Mark Hacking: "I know prison is where I need to be. I will spend my time there doing all I can to right the many wrongs I have done, though I realize complete atonement is impossible in this life. I have a lot of healing and changing to do, but I hope that some day I can become the man Lori always thought I was. To the many people I have hurt, I am more sorry than you could ever know. Every day my soul burns in torment when I think of what you must be going through. I wish I could take away your pain. I whs I could take back all the lies I have told and replace them with the truth. I wish I could put Lori back into your arms. My pain is deserved; yours is not. From the bottom of my hear I beg for your forgiveness." 


            Officials with the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole have said he will not receive a parole hearing for 30 years. 

    Because Mark Hacking threw their daughter away into the trash they make a decision to separate Lori's name from his.   (That is why on this forum I have listed Lori as Soares, not Hacking)
                 2004 - November - Eraldo Soares removes the name of "Hacking" from Lori's tombstone and changes it to "Lori Kay Soares" and under her name, his pet nickname for her "Filhinha" little daughter."


 Thelma Soares "We just felt that Mark obviously didn't want her."

             Thelma Soares "I know that one day Mark will receive perfect judgement from the only judge who knows every detail of what he did that terrible night." As long as he was doing his best, she would have loved him with all of her heart. And he didn't have to be a doctor, a president -- whatever it was. As long as he was doing his best, she would have loved him."
"I do not know why he felt it was necessary to kill her. He does not even know why he did it."
             Mark Hacking announces from his prison cell that "he intends to write a book" about "everything." The proceeds of which would go to the Lori Kay Soares Hacking Memorial Scholarship Fund established by her family.
Mark Hacking has adjusted to prison life: 
         Utah Dept. of Corrections Spokesman Jack Ford "We've had no problems at all with him. He keeps advancing in the system as far as privileges." As a high-profile inmate, Hacking is housed in a maximum security facility at the prison for his own protection while he adapts to prison life. But at some point in the future, Hacking will likely be put in the general population. He will then be eligible to take college classes and perhaps work towards a real degree." 
             2006 - JUNE 18 - Authorities discover Hacking is sending out autograph samples to associates on the outside and the samples are being auctioned online at "Murder memorabilia sites" online. A seller on the Internet advertised items signed by Hacking, including a hand tracing, a prison visitor's form and two canteen invoice forms. The seller also offered several magazines that Hacking had purportedly owned. Dept. of Correctons spokesman stated that "Hacking "voluntarily" discontinued trying to sell anything on the web. "Criminals who profit from their crimes face civil fines in Utah."
         2006 - DECEMBER 19 - (Deseret Morning News reports) "Mark Hacking has a new tattoo. 
        Officials won't comment on the tattoo, but they do say Hacking did not have any tatoos when he entered the prison.
     Inmates are not allowed to get tatoos while incarcerated, but inmates often use makeshift needles and ink to make tatoos on each other.
          Mark Hacking has a tatoo of a bulldozer or other piece of heavy equipment on his chest.
2004 - Heavy equipment was used to move tons of garbage at the Salt Lake Valley Landfill during the search for Lori Hacking... his murder victim.

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#1 [url]

May 29 11 8:34 PM

I never really knew this young lady, but her life has touched mine.  

As any "crime-fighter" who cares, I have her in my heart and memory.  Like the many mother lives that have touched mine, I cannot help but look back and pay my respects.  Every day, I hope that Mark will be denied parole, until he dies in prison.  

Knowing what I know and having seen what I have seen, I have earned my right to have an opinion.

My heart goes to her family and friends.  Like many who have been lost, she had incredible potential - and was truly a wonderful person. 

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#2 [url]

May 30 11 2:51 AM

A sad crime that is exacerbated by being totally meaningless. He didn't have a gainful motive of any kind (not that that makes murder acceptable of course). It looks like he simply killed her to avoid being busted for telling lies. What a waste of lives...

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#3 [url]

Jun 15 11 3:24 AM

He does not deserve to be released at all.... ever. He gave up all rights to being included in humanity when he cold bloodedly murdered her for nothing. Hopefully he will make some inroads into his own awareness as he spends his time in prison, but I don't think that will happen. My sincere sympathy to Lori's Mum and Dad and family. Also to his family as well. They didn't deserve to lose their daughter-in-law this way either.

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