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 2000 - July - Karen Sharpe is in her home accompanied by her brother & others when Dr. Richard Sharpe, millionaire Harvard dermatologist & her estranged husband, shoots Karen to death.

2001 - November - Richard Sharpe is convicted & sentenced to life in prison.

2002 - Richard Sharpe attempts to commit suicide.

2007 - Sharpe is was acquitted of charges he tried to hire a hit man to kill the prosecutor in his murder


2009 - January 5 - Richard Sharpe is found by his cellmate, dead.

Dept. of Correction spokeswoman Diane Wiffin "Richard Sharpe was found by his cellmate at MCI-Norfolk on Monday evening and was declared dead at a hospital, He tied a bedsheet to the top bunk. The death remains under investigation by the corrections department and Norfolk District Attorney William Keating.
There was no reason to believe that a cellmate was involved or there was any foul play. There was no indication there were security violations. Nonetheless, we are doing an investigation," .

David Traub, (spokesman for DA Keating),"The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner performed an autopsy Tuesday, but the cause and manner of death was listed as undetermined pending the results of toxicology tests. The results of those tests may not be known for weeks."
Michael Traft (appellate lawyer for Richard Sharpe) "My client had not seemed depressed recently. Just last week, Sharpe sent him a letter saying he was looking forward tutoring other inmates in math and computer science. There was no indication that he was in any way despondent or had any contemplation of suicide. I was preparing a motion for a new trial for Sharpe."

Mark Smith, (partner law firm that representing Karen Sharpe in the divorce) "I hope that Richard Sharpe's death "brings some closure to this nightmare for the three Sharpe children."


Essex Country Prosecutor Weiner "Whenever a person takes their own life, obviously you feel badly for that person, but my true sympathy is with Karen Sharpe. She died needlessly."