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Jan 27 09 11:26 PM

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  Jill Coit
Maiden name: Jill Lonita Billiot.
Married names: (Ihnen), (Moore), (Coit), (Johansen), (Brodie), (DiRosa), (Metzger), (Steeley), (Boggs),
Aliases: Jill Kisla, Jill Theresa Kisla, Terrie Kisla, Jill Steely, Jill Steeley, Jill Coit-Steely, Jill Ihnen, Jill Moore, Jill Johansen, Jill Brodie, Jill DiRosa, Jill Metzger, Jill Boggs, Jill Carroll, Jill Backus, Jill Coit
Backus.  (*Kisla was a made up name she used.)

With a southern drawl and a new style of hair and dress and with countless forged birth certificates (and other forged documents) to back up her personas Jill Coit paved a swath of destruction, destroying men's lives, absconding with their property, their money, and their dignity.

Jill Coit -Backus -  2008 - Prison Photo -
No longer attractive (though in her mind she still is), Jill Coit continues to manipulate the legal system,
the Corrections system, inmates and officers alike.

Married to 11 times, divorced 8 times to 9 men, Jill Coit "likes men," she just gets tired of them,
once she's squeezed them for every penny or property she can.
"I sleep with them, I marry them, okay? I  could just sleep with them."
Jill Lonita Coit, Deposition, January 1993
Jill Coit held center stage in the media in 1995, and she loved the attention. Especially the attention
of a man.  Then the OJ Simpson trial eclipsed her in coverage and Jill Coit was deprived of a
national audience.
Jill Lonita Billiot was born June 11, 1943/44, to a Tugboat Captain and his wife in Louisiana.
Growing up in the hot steamy bayou country she was raised by her parents until she was 15. Her
brother Marc was born when she was between 5 -7 and Jill resented his very existence. She liked
being an only child.  Marc bore the brunt of her dislike from the day he was born.
At 15 she was sent to her maternal grandmother in North Manchester, Indiana, most likely due to
boy trouble, as Jill claims her first sexual intercourse occurred at 16 or younger.

In the spring of 1961 Jill, 18, dropped out of the 11th grade hell bent on getting married (probably
as a way of leaving home).  Although she'd had trouble with reading, writing and math in school,
she had no trouble counting money.... especially if it was someone else's and she could make it hers.
Husband 1: Larry Ihnen (apprentice bricklayer) Wabash, Indiana. Jill was 19.
Marriage: July 24, 1961.
Divorce: June 12, 1962.
Jill has since claimed that Larry physically abused her, but Jill has a huge propensity to lie and twist
the truth. Theirs was a short marriage. Before the ink was dry on the divorce decree Jill promptly
cleaned out their joint bank account. It contained the grand total of $280.00, which for Larry,
probably represented many long hours of back breaking work. 
Husband 2: Steven Moore (college student) Mississippi. Jill was 21. 
Divorce: March 23, 1967
Children:  Steven Seth Moore born in March 1965.
Husband 3: William Clark Coit Jr. (Tenneco Engineer) Orange County, Texas. Jill is 22.
Marriage: January 29, 1966. It was his first marriage. Jill commits bigamy and marries Clark
Coit even though she is still legally married to Steven Moore.
Clark adopted Jill's son, (by Steven Moore) and changes his name from Steven Seth Moore to
Johnathan Seth Coit.
Children:  William Andrew Coit born November 1966.
               William Clark Coit III March 1968

In between children Jill goes back to Louisiana and obtains a divorce from husband no. 2,
Steven Moore. Her marriage to William Coit still isn't legal because she was  a bigamist and
wasn't divorced when she married him.
Charlie Coit "Clark brought her to meet the family in Gates Mill, Ohio, Thanksgiving 1965.
"She seemed like she was a nice lady, but what can you tell in a few hours? '' 
Clark gives her the kind of lifestyle she hadn't had before and he's besotted by her. Their
relationship is stormy, tempestuous and at times violent.
B.B. McCurdy (Clark Coit's friend) "Jill had a voracious sexual appetite, and her lovers were
no big secret. She often bragged of her sexual prowess and even told him about affairs with

a scuba diving instructor and a training pilot."
"Clark was humiliated, and their marital problems escalated, spiraling toward divorce. First she
took the children. Then she swiped the furniture out of the house, and the next thing I heard he
was dead."
20 days before Clark Coit is found dead, Jill Coit had filed for divorce. Clark had complained that
she was trying to take all his money.
McCurdy "just before he was killed, Coit had drawn $5,000 to $10,000 out of his Tenneco credit
union account, making a wry joke about having "a little bit of money Jill can't get her hands on ''
The money was gone when his body was found.
1972 - March 29 -  Clark was found in the hallway of his southwest Houston residence in
the 8900 block of Sharpcrest. There was no forced entry and Houston Homicide Sgt. Jim Binford
said "it appeared Coit had let the killer in the back door."
McCurdy, who worked with Coit at Tenneco, remembers it vividly: His wife found Coit's body.
"She (Jill) had left him and he'd been drinking. When Coit didn't show up at Tenneco that morning,
his (McCurdy's) wife decided to drive over and check on him. She went on in when he didn't answer
the door. He was in the hall, and there was blood everywhere."

McCurdy "She (Jill) was a beautiful damn woman. And cold, clear through.''

Jill Coit disappeared immediately after Clark's death. Police found her in New Orleans, with an
Attorney, Louis DiRosa, to fight her extradition. She admitted herself to a psychiatric institution
for "acute hysteria and emotional distress" and refused all contact with Houston detectives.
Amid much legal wrangling, Jill Coit never made it to a grand jury in Texas.
The case became inactive, a cold case. JILL COIT REMAINS THE NUMBER ONE SUSPECT

After 6 years of marriage, Jill Coit at 28 is a widow. She inherits his money and property.
1973 - August - California -  Bruce Johansen (wealthy retiree) in his 90's was convinced by
Jill to "adopt her." Attorney DiRosa handled the procedure. After Bruce Johansen's death the
very next year in 1974, her Attorney DiRosa handled the settlement of his estate. Jill Coit Johansen
received  property and a lot of money.
Judy Prioer-Lewis (private investigator) "There was something real suspicious about her being in the
will. I don't think there was any foul play (in Johansen's death), but I don't know.''

Husband 4:  Donald Charles Brodie  (Major in the U.S. Marine Corps) Orange, California.
Married: November 3, 1973.
Divorced: July 7, 1975  Another short marriage.

Jill's son William Coit stated that the Major, "wouldn't let her handle the money."
Jill pulled a scam she would use later, she claimed Donald Brodie had fathered a child,
Thadeus John Brodie, born Oct. 18, 1974, and she wanted child support.
Judy Prier-Lewis (private investigator) "There is a birth certificate for the child but no other
evidence of his existence. It was just a sham to get money. This woman would go up to
somebody and pay them to borrow their baby for an hour."
Husband 5: Louis A. DiRosa (Attorney & later a Judge in New Orleans)  Wilkinson County,
Mississippi.  Jill is 33.
Married: October 11, 1976   They were married twice, divorced twice.
Divorce: November 4, 1978 (Haitian divorce isn't legal)
Divorce: December 29, 1983 - New Orleans, La.
Husband 6: Eldon Duane Metzger, (Indiana Auctioneer) Lima Ohio. Jill is 34.
Married; 1978 - March 27 - Jill is still married to DiRosa and is committing bigamy (again).
Divorce: Date Unknown  
1978 - November 4 - Jill is 38 and travels to Haiti where she obtains a divorce from her previous
husband no. 5, DiRosa. The divorce isn't legal.
Husband 7: Carl V. Steeley (Prep-school Teacher) Culver Academy, Indiana. Jill is 39.
Marriage: January 6, 1983.  Jill is still married to Louis A. DiRosa.

Their marriage would last 9 years, but she had left after 7. She cleaned out the bank accounts,
appropriated his family inheritance and his furniture.

Jill would tell Carl that "DiRosa was her teacher and mentor in matters of the law and how to
circumvent it."  "She used to say she could get away with anything." "She basically lied about
everything.  Jill had told him that DiRosa was a "Federal Judge" (he was a Civil Court Judge)
and that Clark Coit had been a Chairman of the Board of Tenneco (he was an engineer hired
by Tenneco)
 Carl Steely would later tell every media interviewer, and the court, "I just feel lucky to be alive."
He related two instances where he thought Jill might have been trying to kill him:
The first instance - Jill had stayed home instead of going to classes at the University, and made
coffee. Steely claims that while in the classroom that day, he "was standing at the blackboard in
the classroom when he "suddenly lost consciousness, hitting his head in the fall." He had some
tests run a few days later, but they were "inconclusive."

The second instance: Steely states he was riding his bike and when he reached an intersection,
a man who bored a "striking resemblance" to their neighborhood garbage man tried to run him
 Jill Coit-Backus scoffs at Steely's claims.

Carl Steely states that he and Jill vacationed in Colorado in the Rocky Mountains around Steamboat
Springs and he liked it so much he wanted to retire there. Jill said she would buy the Oak Street Bed
and Breakfast, a property they had looked at and liked, and he could join her after the school year.
When she purchased the property, instead of putting the deed in his (Carl's) and her names, she
put it in her name, and in her son Seth's.
After school let out Carl joined Jill and began to help with renovations. But when a tool broke or
they ran out of hardware Jill refused to let him go with her to the Hardware store around the corner.....
Gerald Boggs's Hardware store. Jill was already working on obtaining husband no. 8. 

Carl Steely and Jill Coit separated and he returned to Indiana.
Divorce: December 29, 1983 - Jill divorces Carl Steely in Haiti. The divorce isn't legal. Jill is 40.
July 26, 1985 - Jill obtains a divorce from Louis A. DiRosa in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Husband 8: Gerald "Gerry" Boggs (Hardware store owner) Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
(One of the wealthiest eligible bachelors in town.)
Marriage: April 4, 1991  - Jill is 41

Boggs was an alumni of the University of Colorado and a military Veteran. He studied at military
intelligence school and served in Vietnam from 1965 to 1967 (Awarded a Bronze Star for his
service.) He was a very intelligent man who scuba dived, learned how to fly, and other classes
to improve himself. He took undersea and outdoor photographs.

In short, Gerald Boggs was no dummy. Except perhaps, where it came to women of the Jill Coit
Thaine Gilliland (A longtime friend of Gerald Boggs) Boggs was not duped by Coit in an
intellectual sense. "People need to understand that it was not the education or the intelligence
part that got him in trouble. It was the emotional part."  "He was a real person -- there was
no pretense about Gerry Boggs. What you saw was what you get, and that's kind of a unique
trait you don't find much anymore."

Annulment: December 3, 1991 - Gerald Boggs obtains an annulment because he finds Jill is still
married to Carl Steely, husband no. 7.
December 23, 1991 - Jill divorces husband no. 7, Carl Steely, in Plymouth, Indiana.
Gerald Boggs was a life long bachelor, an honest, friendly, gentle and practical man, liked by

Gerald was a creature of habit and had a set routine of work and of when he would eat down at
thelocal restaurant where he always ordered the same meal. He would never eat lunch, instead he
would open the store at 10 every morning and then go to "The Shack" which was just two doors
down from the Hardware store. He would eat a breakfast of eggs, toast and hashbrowns.
Jill manipulated and charmed Gerald until he married her. Not long after that, she claimed she was pregnant. (Jill Coit previously had a hysterectomy)
Jill gave Gerald a "fraudulent deed of trust encumbering the property," of her bed and breakfast,
that she co-owned with her son Seth, in order to avoid execution of a judgment obtained in a
divorce proceeding by one of her former husbands. 
Jill claims she signed the deed so Steely could not get the bed and breakfast in their divorce
proceedings. She told Gerry Boggs it was for their child, "Lara," 

Gerald and Jill prepared a nursery and shopped for baby clothes. It was noted by others that she
appeared to be the slimmest pregnant woman they'd ever seen. Then Jill insisted on having the
"baby" at home in Louisiana. She traveled there by herself ostensibly to give birth to the child.
She returned with an oh, so tragic story of their daughter being born and then died.

There were those that believed her, but Gerald Boggs wasn't one of them. He filed for an annulment.
In the meantime Jill had been busy, she'd spread rumors that he'd been abusive, and that he was also
gay, as well as other nasty rumors.

Gerald Boggs (In a deposition before his death)  "At the time I believed there was no child, and yet
every time Jill came to Steamboat she would go around telling people that she had had a child and
that I had kicked her and the child out of my home, and needless to say, this upset me greatly, and
I guess maybe that since hope springs eternal I thought, well, maybe she did have a child.''
After Jill's divorce from Steely was final, she wanted the deed back from Gerry Boggs. He refused
refused and he hired Judy Prier-Lewis(Private Investigator) to find "Lara" and look into Jill Coit's background. Judy couldn't  find any evidence of Lara's birth. Jill's son Seth said his mother had
not been pregnant. (The hysterectomy).

Boggs signed over the deed of trust, but the remaining points of contention in the lawsuit were
minor, such as repairs to Jill's (old) Mercedes, furniture and personal items she claimed Gerald
Boggs had damaged. 

People in town started learning that Jill Coit was a serial wife, and hadn't bothered to always get a
divorce in between husbands. She'd pulled the same baby scam on other men that she'd pulled on
To protect himself, Gerald Boggs had been recording threatening phone calls from Jill on his
answering machine. 
1991 - December - Jill meets Michael Backus, 48, (Telephone Company Maintenance/Repairman).
 Jill is 48. They begin a relationship in Greely, Colorado.
When she met him, Jill was embroiled in a bitter civil suit against Gerald Boggs. She had filed civil
action against Gerald seeking release of the (fraudulent) deed of trust. Gerald Boggs countersued.
He sued for "intentional infliction of emotional distress and outrageous conduct. His counterclaim 
stated that she had deliberately, and falsely asserted that she had given birth to a child fathered by
Jill sued for the deed of trust valued at $100,000.  (It's a voluminous case file -  about a foot thick
and is filled with accusations and counter accusations.)
Husband 9: Roy Carroll, 68, (U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer Retired / businessman). Las Vegas,
Marriage: 1992 - February 7 - They never legally divorced.
After Gerald Boggs's death, Houston Police officers tried to speak to Carroll. He refused and
referred them to his Attorney.
1992 - (Late in the year) Rumors say that Jill and Michael Backus were married, although to date
no evidence of a marriage between them has been found. Jill is known to have assumed his last
Gerald Boggs planned to submit information about Jill's bigamist past that his investigator had
uncovered in the civil trial.

1993 - October 21 - Gerald Boggs is attacked and murdered in his own home.

1993 - October 22 - One week before the Civil Trial is due to be heard, Gerald Boggs,
age 52, is found shot and battered to death.  Doug Boggs found his brother and called police. 
Gerald Boggs was pronounced dead at the scene.

He had been stunned with a stun gun, shot 3 times with a .22 caliber gun, and beaten with a
shovel. The pistol is never found. The tape on his answering machine was missing. 
Crime Scene Photos *(This is the JonBenet Ramsey investigation on Court TV - but just over
halfway down the site, there are three photos of injuries to Gerald Boggs, on his face, and on
his back which were similar to marks found on JBR.) "Smit looked for other murder cases
where a stun gun had been used and found Gerald Boggs. 
 These photos show the injuries made by the weapon in the Boggs case."

Jill and Michael claim they were camping in Kelly Flats in the Poudre Canyon west of Fort Collins, Colorado at the time. She continues to smear Gerald and alleges that his "mysterious "gay" lover"
killed him.
Jill skips out to Mexico City having signed over power of attorney to her son Seth through the U.S.
Vice Consul. She couldn't stay there for long, her money ran out, so she returned to Colorado.
1993 - December 23 - Just outside of Greely, Colorado, Jill Coit and Michael Backus are
arrested for the murder of Gerald Boggs. Jill is 50. They were both held on $5 million dollars
Judy Prier-Lewis "I think she got to the point after 20 years of scams she got this false sense of
security of what she could get away with. It's all a game to her, and she can't stand to lose. '' 
The jury hears a tape where Gerald and Jill argue over whether she actually had given birth to his

Witnesses testified to the two "strangers" who were seen in the neighborhood the day of Gerald
Boggs's death. The shorter one wore a bulky jacket, fake moustache and a baseball cap.
Witnesses said it was easy to tell the person was a woman from her walk and shape.
The taller person was a slim man in a tan jacket and blue jeans.

The witnesses said their outfits "had the look of Halloween costumes." One woman stated when she saw them she thought they looked like trouble, and had gone inside and locked her door.

There had been reports of Jill Coit driving around town in the days surrounding the murder wearing
a fake moustache.

Corpse: Nature, Forensics, and the Struggle to Pinpoint Time of Death - by Jessica Snyder Sachs -
Sience 2002 - Jill "Coit," as she had gone back to calling herself, ... pointed to Boggs still being alive
at dinnertime, putting Coit in the clear. (The section in the book chronicles the forensics used to
determine the stomach contents of Gerald Boggs.)

Forensics proved that the last meal Gerald Boggs had eaten was his usual meal which contained hashbrowns with onions at the local restaurant.

A stun gun was found in Jill's red sports car.

At least two people had been approached by Jill, who had wanted them to kill Boggs for her.
She posed as a Psychologist and actually set up an office and began "counseling" people. She 
told one woman that "Boggs was molesting the 5-year-old daughter of her deceased lover, and
because of his prominent position in the community he would not be prosecuted." She asked the
woman to kill Boggs for her. The woman refused. Jill told the woman, that "if she couldn't find
someone to kill Boggs she would do it herself."
Backus had approached a friend and co-worker, Troy Giffon, (Vietnam buddy) and offered him
$3,500 and then $7,500 if he would murder Gerald Boggs. He told Troy that Boggs was preventing
the sale of the bed and breakfast. He also told him that "Boggs was a bisexual who liked to watch
Jill have sex with other men before joining in and he traveled outside Steamboat to find sexual
partners in order to hide his proclivities. Police would suspect a gay lover if Boggs was murdered." 
 Several months prior to the murder, Backus had stopped talking about the murder.

Several days after the murder, Michael Backus shows up at work with new boots.

Seth Coit, age 29, testified against his mother. He had concluded that his mother had killed his
father, William Clark Coit 20 years previously. He testified that his mother had told her she was
going to kill Gerald Boggs and asked his advice on how to do it.  On her orders he'd hidden her
hat and lied in a deposition taken for the lawsuit Boggs had filed against her.

He testified that once the murder had been done, his mother had telephoned him and stated
"Hey baby, it's over and it's messy." He also testified that he still fears his mother.

 Carl Steely (Husband #7) testified against Jill.
1995 - March 17- Hot Sulphur Springs District Court - Jill Coit & Michael Backus are
convicted of first-degree murder and conspiracy to committ murder. Jill is 51.
1995 - May 24 - Jill Coit & Michael Backus are both sentenced to life in prison without parole
and each is levied a fine of $1 million dollars so that neither can profit from their life stories.

1997 - November 29 - Jill Coit appeals her life sentence. The appeal is denied. Jill Coit is 54.
1998 - May 22 - Jill Coit has someone post an advertisement on the Internet for her. She
advertises for a husband.  The Colorado Women's Correctional Institute has the ad shut down.

1998 - December - Jill Coit again advertises on the Internet "Want U.S. Citizenship? Marry an
inmate" on a website "Cyberspace-Inmates .com" The Dept. of Immigration & Naturalization
shuts the site down.

2001 - August 6 - Colorado Supreme Court - Jill Coit's Petition for Writ of Certiorari is DENIED.

2002 - May 9 - Routt County District Court - Jill Coit Backus files a motion for post-conviction
relief of her charges. Her motion is DENIED.  Jill is 58.

2002 - October 27 - Jill Coit has an appeal to the people of Colorado posted online. She called for an investigation into abuse and human rights violations against her that have occurred in jail. Jill reports
that she has been denied use of her therapeutic braces for her back and both hands for arthritis. She
also alleges that she was sexually abused and had her finger broken by a guard.
2005 - December 19 - United States District Court for the District of Colorado - Jill Coit filed a Montez Claim
2006 - April 7 - United Sates Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit - Jill Coit-Backus files suit against Correctional Officers

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Jul 3 12 12:48 AM

What a "w"itch! And absolutely a pathological liar. Her own son knows who she is.

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Aug 3 12 6:58 PM

I believe both, greedy for money and coldblooded.

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