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Charlie Wilkinson
Charles Wilkinson (19),  was a senior at Rains High School and was considered a good student. The teachers didn't feel he was a disciplinary problem, although he was tardy on occasion and had a few absences like most of the students. He did however, have to be told constantly to take of his oversized cowboy hats he always wore.
Wilkinson reportedly had plans to enter the military once he graduated. He'd already completed an Army pre-boot camp the previous summer and went around dressed in camoflauge pants a lot.
"If he needed money or a ride, he would get it. He had that talent."  Some said he had a quick temper and was easy to anger. Others said of him "He was nice, but weird."
Former classmates state "Charles was manipulative."
Teachers considered him to be a good student, tardy occasionally, a few absences, but not a disciplinary problem. He did however, have to be constantly told to remove his cowboy hat. "That's Charlie. He would start an argument over something like a hat."

 "Wilkinson stated that Erin Caffey wanted her parents dead because they would not let her see Wilkinson and they even took away her cell phone. The discussion to kill Erin's parents had been ongoing for about a month." "Erin, Wilkinson and Waid had several conversations on how to kill her parents." (Police report)

"Erin and I were in love and the only way we could be together was to kill the parents."  (Wilkinson)
Charlie and his new girlfriend Erin Caffey (16) were inseperable and when her parents disapproved and decided to split them up, Erin and Charlie made a decision of their own.  Murder.
For a month they planned how to do the dirty deed and brought in Charlie's best pal
Charles Allan Waid (20) and his girlfriend, Bobbi Johnson (18), into the conspiracy.
Last week in English, Charlie was scolded by the teacher for being on the computer. Charlie was like "My girlfriend's dad hacked into my myspace. He told that to the teacher." "Do you think Wilkinson could do something this horrible?"  "Yes. If he wanted to be with Erin, there is no telling.
  Terry Caffey had not "hacked" into Wilkinson's myspace.

2008 - March - Thursday night - Wilkinson and Erin Caffey are told by Terry & Penny Caffey to break up their relationship.
 "It was decided to just walk in there and take care of "business." (Charles Waid)
Friday night - early Saturday morning - Charles Wilkinson and Charles Waid entered the Caffey household and entered into the bedroom of Terry and Penny Caffey.
"Wilkinson said he fired a .22-caliber handgun at Mrs. Caffey several times, but did not kill her. He then handed the weapon to Mr. Waid, who fired several more times at the man and wife." (Police report)  
Matthew, 13, and Tyler, 8, came running down from the loft where they slept when they heard the shots. Charles Wilkinson told them to go back to bed.
"Mr. Wilkinson told them to return to their beds in the loft. The two men followed the children upstairs. Mr. Waid shot 13-year-old Matthew in the head or neck, records show, and both men stabbed 8-year-old Tyler with a sword." (Police report)

After they'd "killed" the family, they committed robbery, stealing cash and jewelry. Waid and Wilkinson then committed arson by deliberately setting the house on fire.  It was later determined by autopsy that Penny, Matthew and Tyler were still alive when the house was set on fire. 
The four conspirators drove around for awhile and then Wilkinson and Erin Caffey were dropped off at Waid's trailer where they had sex to "celebrate."
Since Terry Caffey managed to crawl to a neighbor's home to get help, he was also able to inform authorities that he had recognized Charlie Wilkinson as one of their attackers. That same morning police arrested Wilkinson at Waid's trailer. He had two guns beside him. Wilkinson confessed.

Waid was arrested shortly afterwards and he confessed. Bobbi Johnson was arrested and she also confessed. It was later when authorities went back to Waid's trailer that they found Erin Caffey hiding beneath a pile of laundry and stuffed animals and claiming she had no knowledge of events except for being yelled at by two people and remembering flames. She also was arrested.
After hearings in the case in which the death penalty was on the table, both Charles Wilkinson and Charles Waid pled guilty to capital murder
November 2008 - Charles "Charlie" James Wilkinson, age 19, pled guilty - Sentence: Life in prison without parole.

Terry Caffey survived and spoke to Wilkinson and Waid at the hearing. He told Wilkinson he forgave him and asked him if he knew where he would go when he died. If he didn't, then he should reflect about what he'd done and maybe he'd get into heaven.
Charles Wilkinson did what he did "in the name of "love."  Charles Wilkinson and Charles Waid knew the boys had seen them, and could identify them, so they were witnesses and had to die to protect their skins.