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Jan 22 09 10:30 PM

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 Charles Allan Waid

While in school Waid was considered a good student, not a troublemaker.
At 20 Charles Waid was married to "Diane" and had a five month old daughter.
He and Diane were separated and in the midst of a custody and contentious
divorce situation. Waid wanted custody but lacked the money for legal fees
necessary to try and achieve custody. Despite her feelings towards Charles,
his estranged wife Diane said of him "he comes from a strong Christian family
and described him as "loving children."
Waid had been hanging with his buddy Charles Wilkinson (19) 
and his girlfriend, Erin Caffey, (16),
as well as with his own new girlfriend, Bobbi Johnson (18).

When his good buddy Charles Wilkinson said his girlfriend wanted her parents
killed, and offered $2,000.00 to be in on it. Charles Waid took him up on that
offer. They both met with Erin numerous times over the month of February 
and discussed not only why she wanted her parents killed, but how.

Charles Waid "It was decided to just walk in there and take care of "business."
                     "I was offered $2,000 to help kill the Caffeys."
Things didn't progress until March of 2008, when Erin and Charles Wilkinson were
made to break up.

Charles Waid, who "loved children" was a primary participant brutal crimes against
 two children and two adults. He also committed arson.

Waid and Wilkinson crept into the Caffey's home and shot Penny Caffey and Terry
Caffey multiple times in their bedroom.

Charles Wilkinson "I fired a .22-caliber handgun at Mrs. Caffey several times,
                               but did not kill her." He then handed the weapon to Mr.
                               Waid, who fired several more times at the man and wife."
Matthew and Tyler came running down from the loft where they slept when they
heard the shots. Charles Wilkinson told them to go back to bed. Matthew fought
back by kicking Charles. Charles Waid shot Matthew Caffey, age 13 and then
they each used a sword Diane had given Waid as a "gift" to stab Tyler Caffey,
age 8 multiple times.

Police Report "Mr. Wilkinson told them to return to their beds in the loft.
The two men followed the children upstairs. Mr. Waid shot 13-year-old Matthew
in the head or neck, records show, and both men stabbed 8-year-old Tyler with
a sword." 
They then committed robbery, stealing cash and jewelry Erin had told them to
take. Afterwards they committed arson by setting fire to flammable items within
the home.

The next day Wilkinson was arrested first and confessed.
Waid was arrested and he also confessed.
Both faced the death penalty.

November 2008 - Charles Allan Waid, age 20, pled guilty -
Sentence: Life in prison without parole

Terry Caffey survived and addressed Waid at his sentencing.

Caffey told Waid that he forgave him, and then asked if he knew where
he would be when he died. If he didn't, then he needed to think about
what he'd done and maybe he'd end up in heaven.

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