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Jan 22 09 9:52 PM

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  Bobbi Gale Johnson, age 18, a cheerful soul, was a good student, considered "bright, intelligent and articulate." She was active in school theater and was liked by many. "I don't know anybody who didn't get along with Bobbi."
"She seemed to have a very strong sense of right and wrong, a very srong, moral value system."

Bobbi Johnson got drawn into events, that by herself, she probably have never considered being a part of. But all her good intentions went out the window when she "fell in love" with Charles Allan Waid.

Bobbi had been working down at the local Diary Queen. She was a conscientious worker and fun to be around. But then everyone noticed that Bobbi wasn't herself anymore. She didn't want to hang out with her friends, she was being absent more and more from work, and skipping school. And what's worse, she didn't seem to care.

"She changed so much when she got with him. It's just not the Bobbi we knew."
"All she wanted to do was hang out with him. He was nice, he treated her well, but we never saw her." "She wouldn't come to school a lot and would miss three days out of the week."

Charles Waid, 20 years old and a married man, was in the middle of a contentious divorce and wanted custody of his 5 month old daughter but lacked money for legal fees. He spent a lot of time with his good buddy Charles "Charlie" Wilkinson and his girlfriend Erin Caffey. Since Bobbi wanted to be where he was, she hung around them too.

Bobbi's myspace page stated "I LOVE CHARLES ALLEN WAID!!!!!!." She also wrote "i like to have fun and hang with my friends...pretty much most of the time im a happy person who likes to make people laugh...or just laugh period...and i love the guys..." Bobbi also liked "scary as hell horror movies, because they were so fun to watch."
Charles Waid, Charlie Wilkinson and Erin Caffey had numerous discussions about murdering Erin's parents. It's not known how many times Bobbi sat in on those discussions, but it's likely she was privy to many of them.
Bobbi Johnson ignored what was right and did what was wrong.  She didn't warn anyone that murder was being plotted. Of course, since her boyfriend was going to be involved, she was likely more concerned about his well being than that of an innocent family. She willingly was drawn into the plot and willingly participated.

Bobbi, who liked horror movies is now living in one.

She drove Waid and Wilkinson to the Caffey driveway out in the countryside and waited with Erin Caffey while they went inside the home and shot and stabbed the family. Bobbi is culpable because she did nothing to warn anyone.  Bobbi, although she wielded no weapon and physically killed no one, by her presence at the scene of the crimes, and knew about the crimes in advance, was an accessory and co-conspirator to murder.
 Flames could be seen rising from the house as they sped away.

The very next day, Charles Waid and Charles Wilkinson were arrested and quickly confessed.
Bobbi Johnson was arrested and she also confessed her role.

Bobbi Johnson arrest photo

At a pre-trial hearing Bobbi Johnson pled guilty to
capital murder charges.

January 2, 2009 - Preliminary trial hearing: Bobbi Gale Johnson, age 18, pled guilty to being an accomplice who did not use a weapon. Sentence: 40 years in prison. Johnson may be eligible for parole in 20 years.
A stiff price for "being in love" and being willing to do anything for your boyfriend.

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Jun 5 12 1:52 PM

Very disappointed in Boobi.  And to think that I went to school with her and also invited her into my home.  I was shocked to know about this.  Scary to think that your old friends could do something so terrible that is NEVER forgiven and forgotten.

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