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Even before Ira Einhorn became a fugitive from justice he spun various tales as to why he was being "framed" for murder. The murder of his ex-girlfriend Helen Holly Maddux. Einhorn never denied that he owned the steamer trunk Holly was found inside. Einhorn insisted he was innocent.

At the time of arrest:  Einhorn told his friends and supporters:  "The whole thing is a setup. Through my antiwar research and with contacts that extended beyond the Iron Curtain, I simply know too much about weapons development, psychic research and global conspiracies." Maddux was murdered to discredit me.. The CIA, the KGB, who knows?" 
Conspiracy theory 1: Ira Einhorn claimed "I am being framed by the CIA because of my knowledge of secret mind-control experiments." He stated he "last saw Holly "as she left to make a phone call."  He had no idea how her body turned up inside a locked steamer trunk  he owned, in his padlocked closet.
Over the years Einhorn has claimed:
Conspiracy theory 2: Einhorn claimed "I am being "framed by unidentified "enemies," possibly the CIA or KGB. He claimed that the trunk had "contained piles of papers -- secret reports about KGB and CIA mind-control experiments."
Theory 3: Einhorn admitted that he had had problems with uncontrolled violence in his previous relationships. He claimed that he had gone to a "proto-New Age Esalen Institute in California" for treatment. By the time he was in a relationship with Holly Maddux, he had been cured. He wasn't able to kill anyone.
During Trial: Conspiracy theory 4: Einhorn testified (at length) that he'd been involved in  "60s-era protest activities"  and as a result, "powerful interests" may have had an interest in setting him up on a murder rap.

Trying to promote the idea to the jury that he'd been framed because of his involvement in those activities Ira Einhorn told the court that "he had been the organizer of the 1970 Earth Day protest, and had been the event's MC in Philadelphia."

Unfortunately for Ira Einhorn, testimony from a founding member of the committee who organized Earth Day was devastating. "The committee for Earth Day had barred Einhorn from their meetings and discussions. He was considered a nuisance. There was no MC for Earth Day and Einhorn's only role had been as a liason with a featured speaker, poet Allen Ginsberg. Einhorn took his moment to introduce Ginsberg and turned it into a half hour of speaking incoherently as he comandeered the stage. He refused repeated requests to leave and let the program continue."
Einhorn and the defense offered nothing in rebuttal.

Conspiracy theory 5: Einhorn testified "I used the steamer trunk where Holly's remains were eventually found to store important papers detailing ''new types of weaponry.''  ''There were papers that came to me from all over the world. "The last time he added documents to it was most likely in the fall of 1978." A full year after Holly Maddux was killed, and no such papers were found when the trunk was opened and Holly was found. 

Conspiracy theory 6: Einhorn claimed "someone else did and put the body in his closet to frame him and  blamed "the Central Intelligence Agency for setting him up because of his research into ''psychic warfare.'' 

Conspiracy theory 7: Einhorn testified that "others had access to his apartment." He was surprised when he learned that Holly Maddux's body was found in his closet.

Conspiracy theory 8: In his book "Prelude To Intimacy" Einhorn lists the following instances that add up to a conspiracy against him:

I did not imagine that President Clinton would telephone his French counterpart about me.
An unconstitutional law was passed to provide me with a trial that should never have taken place.
A civil suit, long past due date, was permitted to prevent my telling my story. $1,000,000,000 stands between me and many curious readers.
My wife, Annika, was prevented from testifying by threat of arrest.

Judge Mazzola permitted the entrance into evidence of much testimony  that the law normally does not permit.

Pretrial, he (Judge Mazzola)  would not allow my lawyers to talk about the diaries that were taken from my apartment and then turned over to a journalist who plagiarized my work for his own gain, blackening my name, poisoning the public against me, thus making any fair trial impossible.
"Judge Mazzola’s statement to me is indicative of the bias with which he conducted the entire trial."  (Einhorn is clearly upset about the very apt statement where the Judge called Einhorn "an intellectual dilettante who preyed on the uninitiated, uninformed, unsuspecting and inexperienced people.")
I left Philadelphia in January 1981, perhaps wrongly, out of deep disgust at the tactics of Assistant D.A. Barbara Christie who withheld exculpatory evidence due us during the discovery period. Ms. Christie blew down the pages of a private investigator’s report, doing away with the pagination and thus allowing her to remove the exculpatory evidence, some of which was withheld until 2002.
Einhorn claims five people, including two detectives, saw Holly alive, six months after her supposed death.
The D.A. has conveniently lost the clothing Holly Maddux was wearing when her body was found in my apartment; they had no blood on them. Neither was any blood found in my apartment. In fact, there is no blood evidence in the case, whatsoever. (Einhorn ignores the liquid, putrid ooze that was found in the apartment below, and which had stained the floor and the steamer trunk.)

 A judge is bound by statute to file a Superior Court appeal brief “forthwith.” Judge Mazzola took 28 months and had been in contempt of two court orders for many months when he finally did so.
My lawyers had abrogated all responsibility. ( Einhorn claimed he received nothing but uncooperativeness from his two attorneys, that they operated unethically and in violation of their own professional canon of ethics.)

The law passed just for me is called “the Einhorn law” even in law books.