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Isn't that rich? One would think that there were more obvious issues to pay attention to, such as the ongoing trial for murder. The one in which wee Phil could be convicted and sent to prison.

Ah, but Phil and 'Chelle think and act like they don't have to worry, that Weinberg has Phil's acquittal in the bag. They've continually acted as if they really don't care what the court rules are, or whether they are in violation of them.

Prior to the trial Phil Spector was interviewed by a UK paper/tabloid and pretty much accused the police dept. of a vendetta, a conspiracy against him and derided the Judge. Rachelle has used her website to make commentary about the trial. On the "Team Spector Myspace page, there were allegedly what appeared to be alleged threats against Judge Fidler that had to be investigated. Of course, in that instance it was the usual "someone hacked my account" excuse.

Betsy Ross, aka Sprocket has a blog TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS on which she has documented her experiences within the courtroom during Specter I and Specter II. Since she is able to attend this trial she has provided commentary, descriptions of what the courtroom is like, what persons are dressed like, and has answered questions from other bloggers and readers who are not as fortunate as to be able to attend the trial.

It's every person's right to attend a public trial. Their opinion is their opinion, and they have every right to voice it, whether to another person sitting next to them in the courtroom, outside the courtroom, or on a blog.

Sprocket has done nothing wrong.

During Specter I, an attempt was made to blame Sprocket for talking about the trial where the jury could hear her. This attempt was made in order to get her kicked out of the courtroom.  Since this was done during the trial the Judge admonished Sprocket, who, having done nothing wrong, simply acquiesed to the Judge's warning in order not to turn the courtroom into a spectacle. Turns out it wasn't Sprocket at all, but a someone else, believed to be a Spector supporter.  At any rate, the evnt was used as an excuse to try and get Sprocket tossed from the courtroom.  Giving the Judge his due, once it was brought to his attention by court staff that he had been misinformed as to the culprit, he publicly apologized to Sprocket, in court.

However, it seems the Spector team has again stepped beyond the bounds of court etiquette and again, their target is True Crime Blogger, Betsy Ross.

Someone, either a principal in the case or a supporter, in violation of court rules and regulations (which prohibit photography in the courthouse except with permission from a judge or in specially designated areas for the media), used a cellphone to take photos of Sprocket in court. The photos were then posted on Rachelle Spector's website. Along with the three photos posted were derogatory commentary about her appearance and courtroom trial coverage. 

Journalist MICK BROWN "The photographs - which, having met Betsy Ross, I can say seem to have been digitally altered to cast her in a deliberately unflattering light - appear to have been taken on a blackberry inside the court building where the trial is taking place." Mick Brown's article also speaks about Judge Fidler slapping a gag order on Rachelle Spector for an interview she gave to Court Tv."

As for the photos, Betsy Ross maintains a dignified silence.

Targeting a blogger who attends your husband's trial because they speak the truth as they see it, or simply because they are in the public courtroom against your wishes, against any control you would like to wield, tells us more about your character Rachelle.

Someone hacked your account again? Perhaps a better server, or sharing your password with fewer people would be in order. But then as before, it's my opinion that excuse was/is absolute bullshit.