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Jul 3 17 12:29 AM


Brad is a horrible person, I hope he is never released from prison.

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#22 [url]

Jul 13 17 1:01 PM

He will never get out of jail. In 2002 he attempted to get his case overturned because of hearsay. What my aunt Cheryl told my grandmother Betty. And something else having to do with DNA blah blah blah. He was told by the judge, he will never get out of jail. My aunt is missed every single day and he will rot in jail!!

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#23 [url]

Jul 13 17 1:06 PM

You are NOT the real asshole who murdered my aunt!! Anybody who could possibly think the real Brad is innocent is INSANE!! The real Brad will never ever get out of jail. Ever.!! I hope his time in jail is infested with pain and misery! He deserves every horrible, lonely, anger filled day in prison!! I hope he chokes on a bologna sandwich!

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#24 [url]

Jul 13 17 1:11 PM

The judge told him he will never get out of jail. Never. This monster killed my aunt Cheryl. The only release date he has is the one when he'll have a toe tag and be in a body bag. Grandma Betty died a few years ago. I'd like to think she's with my aunt once again!

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