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Susan Lucille Wright Parole Eligibility Date - 2016 UPDATE - Nov.2010 - Jury in new sentencing phase drops 5 years off sentence - returns her to prison

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Jan 12 09 3:27 PM

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Susan Wright, age 32, is currently serving a sentence of  of 25 years.  She must serve 12.5 of those years before becoming eligible for parole.

2029- 02-26 Projected Release Date

2016-08-27 Parole Eligibility Date


2004 - March 4 - Jurors convict Susan Wright of murder.
They did not believe her claims, nor the special circumstance of "sudden passion."

2004 - March - Wright receives a court appointed attorney.

2004 - September - New attorney's file brief to take over Wright's


2005 - October 7 - 14th Court of Appeals allows new attorneys

to take over Susan Wright's appeal.

2005 - November 4 - Susan Wright files a new appeal

2005 - November 17 - 14th Court of Appeals upholds verdict.

2008 - October 3 - Susan Wright files motion for a new trial

and sentencing.
2010 - May 25 - Tuesday - Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled on the motion filed
                                       by Wright's Appeals Attorney (Brian Wice) that Wright had 
                                       ineffective counsel, based on the fact that no testimony was
                                       offered at trial by her defense attorneys, Todd Ward and Neal               
                                       Davis, regarding battered women's syndrome.

Judge Jim Wallace (Judge at trial)  "I believe that Ms. Wright got a fair trial during
the guilt/innocence phase. I'm also prepared to recommend that Ms. Wright receive a
new punishment phase."
 "Asking for a new sentencing hearing is a big gamble. The old saying goes, 'be careful
  what you wish for.' And that's certainly true when you're talking about a person's life
  and liberty. She's walking a razor's edge… and she might get life."

                                      DATE SET TO BEGIN
2010 - October 15 -  Date Wright's "punishment trial" will begin.

                                Wright's Guilty verdict will stand. This trial will NOT be as to
                                her guilt or innocence, but to determine IF she should receive
                                a different sentence than the one determined by the jury at trial.
                                She risks getting a tougher, or a lighter sentence.

                        Susan Wright was previously sentenced to 25 years in prison,
                        having been convicted in 2004 and is now entering her 6th year
                        behind bars.  In 2003 Jeffrey Wright was murdered by being
                        stabbed 193 times and buried in his backyard.


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#1 [url]

Nov 15 10 10:44 PM

                                  THE JURY'S DECISION

Jurors deliberated about 10 hours today and finally determined a sentence
for Susan Wright.

The jury did NOT find she acted in "sudden passion."

They did however, shave 5 years off of her 25 year sentence handed down to
her by the previous jury in 2004, to 20 years.

                                     PAROLE ELIGIBILITY

Susan Wright has served almost 7 years in prison on her 25 year sentence.
She will be eligible to apply for parole in 3 years. Wright's fate
thereafter is held by the Texas parole board.

                                     WRIGHT ADDRESSES JEFF WRIGHT'S FAMILY
Susan Wright spoke to Jeffrey Wright's family

I just want you to know that I'm sorry. I am. I'm sorry he's not here.
I'm sorry you don't have your son and your brother and your brother-in-law.
And I'm sorry that the kids don't have their father. I'm sorry he's not here."

                                     JEFF WRIGHT'S FAMILY
Ron Wright Jr. (Jeffrey Wright's brother) read a victim's impact statement
addressing Susan Wright.

"Jeffrey Wright was a kind and thoughtful man who loved life. The Wright family

has been given a life sentence, and I think you got off too easy.

You are selfishly crying for yourself because you are going to prison."


"Jeffrey Wright's legacy will be his two children." (Ron Wright has been raising

the children with his wife since Jeffrey was murdered)


"The last words Jeff spoke to his family were, 'I love you, Mom.

Does that sound like a person who disrespects and abuses women?"
"The fact that you did not get a life sentence, you got off too easy."

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#2 [url]

Mar 8 12 9:07 AM

She shouldn't even be there.

The Wrights are in denial.
Of course they are hurting. Most of this is because they choose to continue to relive the experience(s).
While they believe that they are speaking factually, most of them are reacting to their emotions.
Abuser's relatives typically cannot accept the truth about the abuser.

They usually need counselling and don't seek or receive it so, they keep eating the event and, all it does is build seething resentments and a neurotic need for revenge.

I commented in another thread about my legitimacy of commenting about abusers and their victims.

We are outsiders and really have no say or impact upon the PB's decisions although, I imagine people do write to them.
I'd bet that very few of the letter writers compose a comprehensive and reasonable basis for what they might be attempting to say.

As for Susan, I very seriously doubt that she would be a danger to ANYONE, especially if she were to be in a relationship in which she was treated with respect, kindness and decency.

I believe that her, yes HER children need to have a relationship with their mother.
If they are prevented from this, they will suffer from implanted ideas, opinions and "not knowing".
I hope that the Wrights see the truth in this.

I KNOW I'll see some responses to this from the angry crazies and trolls butt, what I said above is accurate.

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#3 [url]

Apr 2 12 4:50 PM

what a lovely person Susan is. It is ashame that she was driven to take tthe action she did. I hope she can get an early release from prison. She obviously does not belong there.

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#4 [url]

Apr 15 12 8:34 PM

She could have left, or she could have got a divorce, she didn't have to kill him. No matter how awful a person he was,she didn't have the right to play God. Susan Wright got a trial and was sentenced. Where was Jeffrey's trial...Susan played God and gave him an instant sentence, w/o any defense for Jeffrey. There is no excuse for murder, NONE!!

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#5 [url]

Apr 16 12 3:06 AM

I am glad that some yrs. were taken off her sentence. I believe she was a battered wife - and that the children were also mentally/physically abused by Jeffrey. I too went through a similar situation in my marriage. When he drank, he became abusive and I filed police reports. I had pets and couldn't rent, I worked for the state and had no money to buy a home. Had to declare bankruptcy and the house was foreclosed on. I bought a little mobile home for 1200 dollars out in the country and each of my pets went with me. After 3 yrs I was able to buy a home and a new car. I understand her fear all too well. Again, kudos to the jury for reducing her sentence. I hope she can get reestablished with her children.

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#7 [url]

May 28 14 5:51 AM


Susan is a complete victim, not a murderer, thats American Justice for you, l live in England, theres no way she would have got convicted, we all have breaking points, he lm afraid pushed her buttons, l can see shes a lovely kindhearted lady.

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#8 [url]

Oct 21 14 6:52 AM

Yeah, you guys are all right, she should not be there...

She should be home with me rnjoying a real life, nice, no violence, no problems out of the u.s. where "nobody' knows her :D

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#9 [url]

Jan 3 15 5:11 PM

It's your Opinion

This forum shouldn't be about this, it should be where people can come and express their opinions likes and dislikes. So before you go on to criticize what someone wrote remember "Opinions are like Assholes everyone has one"

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#10 [url]

May 3 15 4:25 PM

Until you walk in someone's shoes

I think his family is I'm denial. They didn't even know he was on drugs.

No one can judge unless you walked in her shoes. Obviously she's a battered wife. And I do believe that was her only option in her mind. She does not deserve to be in prison, she needs extensive therapy & know she's good enough. I think all the comments of she deserves it: when's the last time you were battered?

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#11 [url]

May 21 15 12:42 PM

Should not have been convicted

She is the victim here! She and her children were the victims of a violent abusive bully. The fact that his family refuses to accept this is their problem not hers. However; keeping the children away for their mother is yet another way to continue the damage their son started. It's disgraceful that I'm an outsider that myself have been in her shoes with an abusive sedistic man and I can see the signs from a mile away. The injustice just never ends for her and her children.

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#13 [url]

Jan 21 16 9:02 PM

Response to putting yourself in his family's position

To that, I would say if she was battered as the doctors who evaluated her said, then maybe you should put yourself in a family members position of having a daughter, sister, of someone being abused daily in life the way she was.

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#14 [url]

Jan 22 16 3:49 AM

This is a sad situation ! I don't believe she got a fair trial ! I believe she was a battered woman and until you live it you will not understand why you can't up and leave ! And for the Wright family to be able to make the decision to keep her kids from her is just wrong she was doing what any mother would do protect her babies !

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#17 [url]

Jun 29 16 12:41 PM


I am stunned, that some folks seem to believe, that this con-artist, tears-on-demand, murderess, actually is innocent??? Hell no, that "twad" is guilty as charged! Stabbing someone brutally193 times, is viscous and cold-blooded! Her alleged trauma was never confirmed by a psychiatrist, because she has no illness! If she had a husband who abused her, she could have taken the route others take too, called divorce! But she didn't want to lose her comfortable life-style, that's why she didn't divorce but KILL him! She should not ever be released, but kept in prison forever! I wish her, to suffer the rest of her life for what she did! And hopefully she is never, ever allowed to see her kids ever again!
193 stabs shall forever haunt her in her nightmares!

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#18 [url]

Apr 12 17 5:27 AM


For those of you that say she could have left... YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW IT IS TO BE BEAT AND TRAPPED!!!   I was beat for years and didn't/ couldn't " just leave" the abuser has your mind trapped in a prison! Those of you who say " just leave"... it isn't that easy and although I do not condone murder, I empathize with her situation

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#19 [url]

Apr 12 17 5:30 AM

The victims family

Yeah they should admit they had an evil son / brother! They should have stood up for their daughter in law. Am evil man is gone! That's what I see. Hopefully those children don't experience this all over again with the other son

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