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Aug 18 11 7:57 AM

It doesn't make any sense though cause the person in the begining said that they heard glass and then seen him fall but how would that work cause the glass was already broken earlier from the tv so your going to tell me as soon as she has thrown the tv she pushed him out

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Sep 14 11 7:13 PM

2011 - September 7- Wednsday - Preliminary Hearing due to begin. Prosecution has
                                                    witnesses ready to testify.

2011 - September 8 - Thursday - HEARING POSTPONED until October 26, 2011
"With the defense seeking to suppress evidence, a preliminary hearing has been
rescheduled for Oct. 26 for a woman who is accused of murdering her husband
by pushing him out a window in a Tulsa high-rise building.

Hilberling's lawyers filed a motion Tuesday maintaining that all statements
allegedly made by Hilberling and her grandmother "while the Tulsa Police
Department secretly recorded their private conversation without consent"
should be inadmissible and not accepted as evidence.
Tulsa County Special Judge Deborrah Ludi Leitch postponed Wednesday's
hearing to allow the prosecution time to file a written response to that motion,
and the defense will have a chance to file a reply to the prosecution's response."

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#24 [url]

Oct 31 11 6:50 PM

2011 - July 27 -  TOXICOLOGY REPORT


"A man who fell 17 stories after he allegedly was pushed through a high-rise
apartment window had traumatic injuries throughout his body and a clean
toxicology report, according to an autopsy report.A medical examiner stated
 in the autopsy report that the cause of death was "multiple blunt force injuries"
and that the manner of death was homicide. Both of Joshua Hilberling's legs
were broken; six vertebra were fractured; multiple ribs were broken, as well
as his sternum and pelvis, according to the report. He also had numerous
cuts and bruises and injuries to internal organs. The report states that the
injuries "are consistent with a fall from the reported height."
Neither drugs nor alcohol was found in his body, according to the toxicology report."

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#25 [url]

Oct 31 11 6:54 PM



"At a preliminary hearing Wednesday, a Tulsa County judge ordered Amber
 Michelle Hilberling, now 20, held for trial on a second-degree murder charge.
That charge contains an accusation that she pushed her husband, "causing

him to fall through a window and fall to his death." Prosecutors also filed an
alternative charge of first-degree manslaughter, involving an allegation that
the death occurred while Amber Hilberling was committing a misdemeanor
domestic assault and battery.

Special Judge Deborrah Ludi Leitch found sufficient evidence to hold the
defendant for trial on the manslaughter accusation, as well."

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#26 [url]

Oct 31 11 7:12 PM

Armando Rosales (Glass Repairman)
June 7, 2011, Rosales went to the Hilberling's apartment to repair a broken
(bedroom) window. The young man (Joshua Hilberling) was "pretty upset"
when he was told it would cost $150 to repair the window.

Rosales testified that he was on a balcony working on the bedroom window 
and noted that he observed "bottled up anger" in Amber Hilberling. At one
point he heard a loud crash, the sound of breaking glass, a commotion and
yelling. Rosales saw Amber Hilberling with a gash on her arm, she was
hysterical. Amber Hilberling said "My husband fell out of the window."
She also said "I pushed him out the window."
Robert Peters (Tulsa Fire Department)

Peters testified that he proceeded to the top of the parking garage where
he saw Joshua Hilberling's body lying on the concrete.

Peters further testified that he observed an extremely upset Amber Hilberling.
Amber Hilberling said "I don't want to get into trouble. I don't want to go to jail."
"I didn't mean to do it. I didn't mean to push him out the window."

Detective Jeff Felton (Tulsa Police Dept.)

Det. Felton testified that Amber Hilberling said "Why did this happen?"
and "I killed Josh." "I stole his life away."


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#27 [url]

Dec 18 11 2:02 PM

2011 - December 1 -  RE-ARREST of AMBER HILBERLING
Amber Hilberling was re-arrested for violations of her bond, failing to charge the
ankle monitor.

Curfew violations:

  • Aug. 28th, 1 hour, 5 minutes
  • September 24th, 46 minutes
  • October 2, 1 hour, 11 minutes
  • October 8, 10 minutes
  • October 9, 18 minutes

Charging issues:

  • September 17, 23 minute lapse
  • October 2, 51 minute lapse
  • October 3, 3 hour, 39 minute lapse
  • November 17, 11 hour, 58 minute lapse
  • November 25, 4 hour, 17 minute lapse

Hilberling's attorneys

"The monitoring problems were caused by equipment malfunction and Amber Hilberling

 always calls in if she knows she's going to be late.



"I've never seen this type of repeated problems come up before, and the court uses

the monitoring service on a regular basis. People keep their phone charged so, they

should be able to keep their ankle monitor charged."






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#28 [url]

Dec 18 11 2:10 PM

Rhonda Whitlock (Amber Hilberling's mother)  (NEWSon6 Interview)
"Rhonda Whitlock, Hilberling's mother, told News On 6 that her daughter was
hospitalized for depression and was told by a nurse that she could not charge
the monitor in the hospital. Rhonda says her daughter feels guilty, but not
because she murdered Josh, but because he died during an argument, and
she never dreamed he could go through a high-rise window."We know 100
percent the windows are illegal in that building. They are not up to code.
We checked out that from day one," Rhonda said. She says she's sick of
the people posting hateful lies on the internet, and says it's frustrating not being
able to tell Amber's side because of the pending court case. "What about the truth?
What about the truth in all this?"

She said. "We seriously do not want to live in the US anymore because if this
can happento our child, they can make up lies and fabricate things," Rhonda said.
"People can call in and they base that off not evidence, not reality, what they
assume or want. None of us are safe."

"In a document, defense attorneys Jasen Corns and Mark Collier assert that "it is not
in dispute that Amber Hilberling pushed her husband off of her while he was attacking
 her." The prosecution has "no evidence that Amber knew her attacker would trip into
a wall, and make contact with a window, and that said window would shatter upon
impact, and that her attacker would fall completely through said window to his death,"
the defense lawyers contend. "Joshua Hilberling's death was bizarre, unexpected and
wholly accidental."

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#29 [url]

Dec 18 11 2:16 PM

Patsy's OPINION: If Rachel Whitlock doesn't wish to live in the U.S. and considers living 
                           elsewhere, she is naive to think she'll fare better under other the laws
                           of other countries. Plus, she'll remain a U.S. citizen unless she changes
                           her citizenship... and thus subject to U.S. laws and extradition treaties.
                           If this same incident had happened overseas, it still would have been
                           investigated, and I believe Amber Hilberling would have been charged.
                           Now whether she'd be convicted in another country is a different matter.
                           It would depend entirely on the judge or jury there.

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#30 [url]

Dec 18 11 2:18 PM

2011- December 13 - HOUSE ARREST
"Today, a judge reinstated her bond, but ordered she stay under house arrest until the trial."
"On Tuesday, the judge said if Hilberling further violated the conditions of her release
she risks being held without bond until the completion of her trial.The conditions of her
release require she remain at home at all times, monitored with a GPS ankle monitor,
with exception of doctors appointments and those of her minor child.  She may also
visit her attorney's office, appear in court, church and her place of employment.
Hilberling must also undergo random drug and alcohol testing."


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#31 [url]

Dec 18 11 2:25 PM

2011 - December 14 -  JURY TRIAL DATE SET


"A judge also set an Aug. 20 jury trial for Amber Michelle Hilberling, who records
show was freed from the Tulsa Jail at 5:17 p.m. after again being fitted with an
electronic monitor.

On Tuesday, Glassco ordered Hilberling to stay at her residence, but she is allowed to
travel to her doctor's office for her appointments and for those involving her baby. She
can also travel to the offices of her attorneys, court appearances, church and her job.

Hilberling is required to advise Tulsa County Court Services personally - and not
through intermediaries - of appointments and her work schedule. She must maintain
a phone number where she can be contacted by Court Services personnel at all times,
and she is to have random urinalyses and breath tests. She is also responsible for
keeping the GPS monitor charged.
The judge indicated that if there are future violations of curfew and monitoring requirements, Hilberling is subject to being held without bail until her case is resolved.

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#32 [url]

Dec 18 11 2:26 PM

2011 - December 13 - A defense motion requesting that Glassco set aside the bind-over order
                                and dismiss the case is denied.

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#33 [url]

Jan 16 12 7:46 PM

                                            DRUG TESTS


Tulsa County District Judge Kurt Glassco revoked Amber Michelle Hilberling's
$250,000 bond and ordered her held without bail.
Glassco took that action after receiving a report that Hilberling, 20, provided urine
samples Dec. 22 and again Dec. 28 that tested positive for THC, which is indicative
of marijuana use.
Hilberling's jury trial is set for Aug. 20. Defense attorneys indicated Friday that they
could file a request to get that trial date moved up on the court docket."
"A judge revoked her bond Friday after she failed at least two drug tests.  Court
documents show Hilberling tested positive for marijuana Dec. 22 and Dec. 28
after being released from jail weeks earlier. In the courtroom, the judge reportedly
said there wasn't enough proof Hilberling could be trusted."

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#36 [url]

Dec 31 15 10:48 PM

" a judge evidence, released evidence including a video, that until now was only seen by the attorneys and the jury.
Of all the evidence released, the most interesting is the hour-long videotape taken while Amber Hilberling and her grandmother were in a police interrogation room, waiting to talk to a detective, unaware they were being recorded."

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#37 [url]

Dec 31 15 10:50 PM
Jurors found her guilty March 18, 2013 in the death of Josh Hilberling and recommended 25 years. On Tuesday, April 23, 2013, the judge concurred. The judge gave her credit for 15 months she has already served in the Tulsa County jail.

The judge also ordered Amber Hilberling to pay for Josh's funeral expenses in addition to a $10,000 fine.

Prosecutors filed a sentencing memorandum on April 22 noting that Amber Hilberling repeatedly admitted that she pushed her husband to his death on June 7, 2011. They say that although Hilberling does not have a criminal past, she "was certainly on notice that she and Josh had a volatile relationship and that she became angry and acted out violently toward Joshua."

Read the Sentencing Memorandum and Victim Impact Letters

Prosecutors also point to the "horrendous" manner of death - that Josh Hilberling was alive as he fell from the 25th-floor window until he landed on the 8th floor parking garage.

"Josh had seventeen stories to contemplate what was occurring," the sentencing memorandum states.

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#38 [url]

Dec 31 15 10:54 PM

“Any rational trier of fact could find beyond a reasonable doubt that Hilberling’s conduct was imminently dangerous and that she evinced a depraved mind in extreme disregard for human life,” resulting in her husband’s death, the appeals court’s summary opinion regarding the murder charge says.
The court found no error in the omission of a jury instruction to consider manslaughter “because the instruction was not warranted by the evidence,” wrote Judge Arlene Johnson, who authored the opinion.
Hilberling’s counsel contested the introduction of “irrelevant gruesome photographs of the deceased” as evidence, but the appeals court found that to be up to the trial judge’s discretion.
Testimony regarding a protective order that Hilberling’s husband had filed against her, alleged prosecutorial misconduct based on a reference to a sleeveless white undershirt as a “spouse beater,” and claims of ineffective assistance of counsel were all found to be issues that would not have influenced the outcome of the case, the court found.
The court also opined that there was no error in the admission of a homicide detective’s ", which the defense held was an improper expert opinion of guilt."

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