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May 4 11 5:38 PM

WITNESS: Carol Cooper (Bradley Cooper's mother)
Cooper's testimony:
"I was in shock after Nancy's murder. Brad was traumatized."
"I heard on the news that Brad was going to be arrested, I went

downstairs to tell him.  Wthin 15 minutes police were at Brad's
"The family did not attend public memorials because we wanted
to stay out of the public eye and grieve in private."

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May 4 11 5:53 PM

WITNESS: Greg Miglucci (Field Trial Engineer, Cisco Systems)
Miglucci's testimony:
Brad Cooper checked out a Cisco 3825S router in January 2008 from
Miglucci's department. That router was not returned or found.
WITNESS: Chris Fry (Cisco Security Investigator)

Fry's testimony:
He examined computer evidence provided by the prosecution.

Fry found "codes" that show Brad Cooper had used a router about
10 p.m. on July 11, 2008;  (the day before Nancy Cooper was
reported missing.)
"I found evidence that Brad Cooper had checked out two routers from
Cisco and that only one had been returned."

WITNESSES: Cary Police Officers - Larry Arellano, Michael Lindley,
                     and Detective Michelle Savage

Each of the officers spoke with Rosemary Zednick (defense witness) who
testified that officers ignored her "eyewitness" information.

Officer Larry Arellano
July 16, 2008,"Rosemary Zednick told me that the jogger might have been
listening to an iPod and that she wasn't sure if the woman was Nancy Cooper."
Detective Michelle Savage
July 26, 2008, "Rosemary Zednick told me that the jogger was listening to
an iPod and that she was sure the woman was Nancy Cooper or someone
who looked familiar. She also said that she thought Nancy Cooper had been
hit by a car and the driver dumped the body."

Officer Michael Lindley
July 24, 2008, Rosemary Zednick told me that she thought Nancy Cooper
was struck by a car and that the driver got nervous and took the body and
dumped it."

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#43 [url]

May 4 11 6:24 PM

Defense attorney Howard Kurtz
This was never really an investigation at all. It was the beginning of a prosecution.
The outcome here was predetermined."

Cary police were bent on distortions and inaccuracies, on breaking rules and
disregarding evidence.

The satellite photos of the crime scene stored on Cooper's laptop computer before
the murder -  the laptop remained on for 27 hours after being taken into police custody.
The evidence makes no logical sense. If you know where it is that you intend to drop
a body, you don't search on a Google map to find a spot. If you don't know where it
is that you intend to drop a body, you look around."

A Cary detective  testified that he tried to pull information from Nancy Cooper's BlackBerry
 phone, despite knowing little about cellphones, and accidentally erased its contents.

"There is no legitimate explanation for destruction of evidence in a homicide case."

Cary police had an agenda. They wanted desperately to show the citizens that their
town is safe. They would have you act with your emotion rather than your intellect."
"The Cary Police Department violated fundamental rules of criminal investigations.
This type of investigation leads to people going to prison for a crime that they did

not commit. Conclusions they [Cary police] jumped to was that Brad must have
killed Nancy and they jumped to that conclusion the moment the case started."

"Cary police bungled the investigation because investigators only interviewed
people who knew of Brad and Nancy's troubled relationship."
"There is no physical evidence linking Brad Cooper with his wife's slaying."
"This case is built on there might have beens, could have beens, should have
"The Cary Police Dept. bungled the investigation and the real killer is still on
the loose."

"And now PD and prosecutors are willing to send an innocent man to rot in
a dungeon in essence for the rest of his life and they are willing to do it in a
desperate attempt to avoid having to face the truth about their own shoddy
and unprofessional work throughout the case."

Attorney Robert Trenkle
"Tire tracks and footprints from the crime scene were never processed.
No fibres or other physical evidence from the crime scene provided a link
to the Cooper home.
An entomologist, initially put Nancy Cooper's time of death in the morning of
July 11, but he shifted his findings to July 12 after prosecutors pointed out that
Nancy Cooper had been seen by many at a neighbourhood cookout on the
evening of July 11.
Information from the autopsy report that showed her stomach to be empty of
food though she had been seen eating ribs, avocado salad and cake hours
before prosecutors contend she was killed."

"No blood, no bodily fluids, no fibres."


Prosecutor Bob Zellinger

"This is a case about facts."

"Fact, the defendant Googled where he was going to place his wife's body. 
"Fact, the shoes the defendant's wife was wearing that morning are now
missing." Fact, Brad Cooper repeatedly lied to police."

Prosecutor Zellinger spoke to the jury regarding the cell phone calls, the
computer searches; Google satellite images and timestamps on Brad
Cooper's computer.

"Step back and consider all the evidence."
"This case is not rooted in gossip from Cary cliques or a tainted police
 investigation. It is a case of domestic violence."

Assistant District Attorney Howard Cummings
Brad Cooper's behaviour.... missing her memorials; avoiding her parents;
not answering his phone in the hours after she went missing.

"If your spouse was missing, would you say to police, 'I don't want to talk
to you anymore?' "

DA Cummings shows the jury how long it took for Nancy Cooper to die.

DA Cummings holds his hand to his throat for three minutes and
walks slowly across the courtroom.
A long silence.
"It's only one minute."

A long silence
"He's still got to hold it for two more minutes until she's dead."

Another minute of silence.

 "Now she's dead."

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#44 [url]

May 4 11 6:43 PM

2011 - April 29 - Judge Paul Gessner instructs the jury.
Judge Gessner instructs the jury that they can consider a 2nd Degree
Murder conviction. 
First-degree murder -prosecutors must prove the killing was premeditated.
Second-degree -premeditation is not required.
Defense objects.
Judge Gessner
"Failing to offer the leser charge could be considered an error in trial

Judge Gessner replaces one juror with an alternate prior to the jury receiving
the case.
2011 - April 30 - The jury begins deliberations.

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#45 [url]

May 4 11 8:15 PM

2011 - May 4 - Jury requests evidence.

The jury sent out a note requesting:

Photographs of Nancy Cooper's upper and lower back.
Photographs of the master bathroom, the door to the master bathroom
and the shower.

Phone records - 3 records from Brad Coopers phone, and one from Nancy
Cooper's phone.
Output records from Aug 8, 2008, from Brad Cooper's phone.

Customer loyalty records from BJ’s and from Harris Teeter.

A 2008 calendar;
A list of all witnesses;
An evidence log
A laptop — the jury told the bailiff this could be stricken from their request.

Judge Paul Gessner consulted with both sides.
The evidence log includes notes on items that were withheld from the jury.
The witness list had similar issues.

An easel pad and a calender is provided to the jury.

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#46 [url]

May 5 11 5:27 PM

The jury has rendered it's decision.

Bradley Cooper has been found GUILTY of First Degree Murder.

Judge Paul Gessner (Superior Court)
"Your verdict in this case speaks the everlasting truth.This case is a
horrible and sad tragedy. I suspect this matter will weigh heavily upon
you in the days to come."
Garry Rentz (Nancy Cooper's father)
This is another milestone in the history of our family and we were very
pleased today with the hard work and the end of that hard work by the jury.
"The tragedy is you have two young lives who were wasted – Nancy is no
longer with us, and Brad who now faces an elongated period of incarceration."
 "There isn’t joy in either of those events for us."

Plans to appeal the verdict

Howard Kurtz and Robert Trenkle, (Brad Cooper's Defense Attorneys)
"We are disappointed at the jury's verdict, and believed the case for Brad's
innocence was strong. We feel that, had the jury been permitted to hear the
testimony of our computer experts, the verdict likely would have been different.
It is our belief that the appellate issues are strong and we hope to have another
chance to exonerate our client in the future."
  Brad Cooper was transported to the Central Prison in Raleigh.
He will be there during initial evaluation and then placed into
the state prison system.

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#47 [url]

May 10 11 10:04 PM

Attorney Howard Kurtz (Brad Cooper's Attorney)

"An appeal may be in the works. My client deserves another trial.
There were a number of issues with the evidence raised.
"I believe that the Blackberry was intentionally deleted, that it was not
the result of somebody who did not know how to deal with evidence.
IT was the result of somebody who was eliminating evidence."

Chief Pat Bazemore (Cary Police Dept.)
"Mistakes, yes. Intentional misconduct, no. Dishonesty, no."
"It was very difficult to listen to accusations by the defence that
police botched the investigation."

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#48 [url]

May 10 11 10:11 PM

Garry Rentz (Nancy's father)
"I thought Brad's defence team did a good job with what they had.
"Some days you think, ‘Oh, gee. I didn't see something,' or ‘I
missed something. Maybe I should change my mind. But in the end,
the jury's verdict was the right decision."
"We have to pick up the pieces of our lives we left behind and get
 back into a normal lifestyle,"
We left not knowing what the outcome would be. Now there's certainty
and it enables us to plan for the future for the girls and our family and
that's very important to us."
* The Rentz family were on their way home when Brad Cooper was
being sentenced.

Jeff Rentz (Nancy's brother & Edmonton, Canada Police Officer)
"I never questioned the investigation or believed the defence's argument
that evidence was manufactured. "I don't think there's a chance at all
that that's what happened. There just isn't any reason. I think that's,
that, that's kind of a preposterous notion."
 Krista Lister (Nancy's twin sister)
"It was difficult hearing some of the most intimate details of my
 sister's life described in court."
Donna Rentz (Nancy's mother)
"What is most important to me is how people will remember our Nancy
as the wonderful mother, sister, daughter that she was and will live in
our hearts forever."
"We plan on devoting ourselves to helping victims of domestic violence
in hopes of preventing further tragedies. We can't have Nancy back,
 but ... we do have her legacy, and our family will work very hard to
nurture that."

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#50 [url]

Apr 14 12 5:29 PM

WRAL 2012 - April 5 - Attorney seeks extension to file appeal
"Ann Peterson, an appellate attorney for Cooper, says in a motion filed Tuesday that
the transcripts from the nearly two-month long trial were originally due on July 12,
2011, but that there several delays and she did not receive the 8,800-page file until
Feb. 10. Peterson wants 30 days past the April 11 deadline to appeal because she
needs more time to read and review the transcripts."

More at link

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#52 [url]

Dec 31 15 10:20 PM

Admitted her murder after appealing a life sentence he received in 2011
Pleaded guilty to second-degree murder as he confessed for the first time
He received a reduced 12-year term and will get credit for time served
This means he could be out in as little as seven years

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#54 [url]

Dec 31 15 10:24 PM

duperclay wrote:
I heard recently that Brad gets a new trial. I never heard what the reasoning was for a new trial.


QUOTE "The defense argued that the police investigation of Nancy Cooper’s death in July 2008 was inept. They had hoped to argue before the jury that the crucial computer evidence could have been tampered with and perhaps planted by investigators – arguments that they planned to introduce through their own expert witnesses. Gessner, who also presided over the trial in 2011, allowed prosecutors to introduce evidence of a Google Maps search of the site where Nancy Cooper’s body had been found. Prosecutors argued that the map search and time stamps associated with it showed that Brad Cooper had searched for a site to dump his wife’s body.  The defense team at trial, however, raised questions about the validity of the time stamps on the laptop files. Gessner ruled against the defense’s attempt to classify two witnesses as forensics experts to raise questions about the computer evidence.The appeals court judges noted that the “sole physical evidence linking” Brad Cooper to the homicide was the Google Maps search. “Absent this evidence, the evidence connecting Defendant to this crime was primarily potential motive, opportunity, and testimony of suspicious behavior,” the ruling stated. Further, the appeals court panel added that “whether the error was constitutional or not,” failure to let Brad Cooper use his experts was a key error that warranted a new trial.Since then, Brad Cooper got a new defense team and Freeman, his attorney, talked with prosecutors about plea offerings that had been on the table since 2008." UNQUOTE
Read more here: 

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