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Nov 7 08 11:41 PM

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                          REMEMBERING APRIL BARBER VIDEO  

April Lott became Salutatorian of her class in high school, attended Louisiana State University and Oklahoma State University. Her goal was to help those with cancer. She studied and became a radiologist technician. Before her death she worked for three yeras in Thomasville, Georig in a cancer clinic as a dosimetrist. (Technician who helps guage and administer radiation amounts for cancer patiens.) April was studying for her master's degree at the time of her death.

Patricia "Patty" Parrish (April Lott Barber's aunt) "April was hardly a traditional bride." "She was more of a country girl at heart." "She had a gorgeous white dress that I remember cramming into her suitcase, and here we are trying to get the wrinkles out of it the day of the wedding."

 Patricia helped raise the children after their mother died of lung cancer when April was 17, Julie was 9, and Kendon was 1. The family was devastated by her death, their father deeply so. He became embroiled in drug trouble and April began caring for her siblings.

Julie Lott "She took care of us. She would get me up for school, get me off to  school. She'd cook us dinner. She just took the place of our mother."

Amee Williams (Julie's aunt) "April's mother died of cancer and she wanted to do something in honor of her mother, to help people in need."

When Justin and April married, they moved her siblings in with them to take care of them.

Julie Lott  "Of course it was difficult for them, 'cause they were so young and trying to raise two kids. It was very hard, I understood that. But they tried their hardest to give us everything that we could possibly want or need."  "Whenever we first lived with them, it was good."

Just mere hours before April's death, she and Julie shared a phone conversation. "April told me she loved me. She told me she was going to call me later on that evening, and that she loved me. That was the last thing." 

"She was my best friend, my sister and my mother. "SHe loved to shop and eat Mexican food. She was very funny and there was never a dull moment when we were together."

Amber Mitchell (April's friend) "She definitely didn't take life for granted, and had pretty clear goals about what she wanted out of life."  "I was worried that it was really quick and maybe they didn’t know each other well enough yet to do that. But I supported her completely, because she was happy and I wanted to see her happy."

 "The funeral made it clear just how many people loved April and felt close to her. "We did everything we could to make it a tribute of how wonderful she was."

Julie Richards (April's high school friend) "She was very giving. She was full of life, fun to be around and very supportive if we ever needed anything. April always had a smile."

Linda Barber (Justin's mother) "I liked her immediately. She was very beautiful. Very natural. You could  just tell she was a good person. She was just wonderful. She fit in real  well with the family."

April Lott Barber's hometown voted her in as "Henessy's Young Woman of the Year."


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